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Jewel Quest Mysteries: a cant miss match 3 adventure


EA brings us Jewel Quest Mysteries: Curse of the Emerald Tear, a hidden objects game with an added puzzle game in the mix. The story unfolds about the gem with powers to heal the most mysterious illness and was the secret to the world’s most legendary leaders. Our mysterious narrator wants the Emerald Tear for himself and enlists his friends Rupert and Emma to do all of the hard work to get it. You’re guided through the journey using Rupert’s and Emma’s journal that provides insight about the gems past. The entries coincide with you map that travels across four different regions in your quest for the Emerald Tear.

As you select your quests on the map, you’re brought to the main part of the game. Each region has a different theme for your search, some more challenging than the others. You’re given your list of clues, but hidden amongst those items are jewels and coins you can use to gain “special” items and power-ups. You’re up against the clock as your searching, but be careful because three wrong taps and you loose time off the clock. As you complete your quests, you’re brought to the Jewel Board, a puzzle game where the object is not only to match the jewels for points, but to clear each square of the game board. As you continue on your adventure, the Jewel Board becomes more challenging by changing its layout to adding new jewels and coins.

Like other games in this genre, a simple tap to the screen will reveal your hidden item. The game uses a pinch-zoom to get a closer look or to zoom-out to get see the bigger picture. Dragging your finger across the screen will move your focus from one side to the other. Playing the Jewel Board, you tap to select you first jewel and then tap the adjacent one to make your move.

What we liked:

+ unlockable content + multiplayer over Bluetooth or WiFi + Intuitive controls + Gorgeous background artwork

What we didn’t like:

+ limited soundtrack + no online integration

For anyone who’s a fan of the hidden objects genre or even match three games, this is a can’t miss game. It’s a fun and challenging game for newcomers and fans alike. You get two unique games beautifully packaged together, a bargain at $2.99 and worth every cent in my opinion.

One Reply to “Jewel Quest Mysteries: a cant miss match 3 adventure”

  1. JCman7

    I love Jewel Quest games and I have the first one made by I-play so I was really surprised to see this one made by EA. It looks like a great game and I will purchase this one!!