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BiteSMS Updated to Version 5.0 beta 3, Many New Features and Enhancements

New update available for BiteSMS leading the program to version 5.0 beta 3, resolving numerous bugs and adding several new features . BiteSMS give your the ability to send SMS with low cost and extending the capabilities of traditional messaging application.

Here is the complete changelog biteSMS 5.0 Beta 3:

– Improvements for such functions as ringtones.
– Fixed many bugs related to overall performance and application crashes reported.
– Fixed and improved some parts of the GUI application.
– Adding the photo of the contact in view on the conversation ( the animation is still missing ).
– Added a button and Skype on QuickCall QuickReply.
– Added a new setting for the character counts.
– Changed the “Call” button within QuickCall with a button -shaped phone.
– The graphical Quick List is now optimized for Apple iPhone 4.
– Fixed bug that did crash the application when an SMS came out from iBlackList.
– Automatic re – sending messages sent incorrectly.
– Contacts’ pictures in the conversation.
– Opportunity to see recent messages even within Quick Reply.
– Improvements to Quick List and Quick Reply, especially for messages sent to a group of people.
– Support Skype and Quick Reply Quick Compose.
– Full support for Bluetooth keyboards (Wireless Keyboard).

Note: the new release of the program will be compatible exclusively with IOS 4.
BiteSMS found for free on Cydia by adding the following repository :

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