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3D Glasses for iPhone and iPad From Carl Zeiss

During Internationale Funk Ausstellung (IFA) in Berlin, Carl Zeiss has introduced a new pair of glasses called Cinemizer media which allows you to view multimedia content in 2D and 3D. I think this will be very amazing to play or see movies in the 3D.

The lenses are on display columns of type OLED display both content and enable 2D and 3D . The resolution is 640×480 pixels and , according to Andreas Klavehn , representative of Carl Zeiss , the OLED display pixels are so tiny as to have reached their physical limit . The aspect ratio used is 16:9 , the one that comes closest to human vision , having both eyes on the whole , a wider viewing angle horizontally and vertically.

These special glasses you can connect devices such as desktop computers , notebooks, netbooks , gaming consoles , Blu- Ray players , smartphones and iPhone or iPad (thanks to a special dock to connect various devices) . The glasses work with rechargeable batteries and are available in various configurations, from $390.  We hope to see like this revolution as an Apple device. [via ispazio]

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