How To Access Advanced System Settings Quickly in Windows 7

Access Advanced System Settings quickly from Start Menu or create a shortcut for easy access in your Windows 7 PC. Most of the times we configure our Windows 7 performance settings from Advanced System Settings dialogue window through right-clicking Computer icon from your desktop or from the Start Menu and choose Properties, and on the Computer properties window, on the left pane of the window we are going to click Advanced System Settings after clicking that link, Advance System Settings window will pop-up, from their you can go through more

How To Remove or Clear Windows Update History Log in Windows 7

Overtime your Windows Update History Log will display long lists of your installed windows update, here is a simple tip to clear windows update history log… The reason for clearing or removing windows update history log is just to make it clean and make your windows update history refreshed, no performance boost or enhancements whatsoever, though its nice to clean things up a bit. Note: Doing this method will not remove your installed updates, it only removes your history log, and you can save that log information to a different location in more

How To Capture Screenshots Instantly in Windows 8

Create a screenshots in your Windows 8 PC is a breeze with just 2-keystrokes and automatically saves them in your Windows 8 Pictures Library > My Pictures… We create screenshots of our desktop and share them to our friends, or if you need some help online and want to show them the preview that may help you a lot faster from your screenshots, then this tip may come handy to you. Before we shared you How To Capture Screenshots on Active Window in Windows PC without using any third party applications instead we only use Paint, now in Windows 8 more

Download Apps, Games & Themes from OVI Store on Windows PC

Download Apps, Games & Themes from OVI Store to your Windows PC and send them to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or USB Cable. We all know that downloading apps, games and themes at ovi store is not available if your using a PC. Instead you can download using OVI Store apps installed in your mobile phone and from there you can browse for more stuff and can be installed directly to your phone, which is very handy and hustle free. But, the downside of it, is when you uninstall the apps or games, you cannot reinstall them in the future if you more

WinRAR for Symbian Phones

WinRAR for Symbian is RAR file extractor, you can extract single RAR files or parts in your Symbian Phone… it also recognizes rar files in your phones messaging inbox (sent by bluetooth). This is an unsigned version so you need to sign it w/ your certificate and keys, or hack your phone. I have tested this long ago and still using it till now, I tried to extract a parts of rar files in my phone and it really works well. Hope this will help you also in extracting RAR Files in your phone. Supported phones: S60v3 and S60v5 Download WinRAR v1.01 more

How To Get a Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

Do you need an offline standalone installer of google chrome from different versions or the latest release? as you noticed we have a few articles on Google Chrome Offline Installers… So, how do we really get an offline installers for Google Chrome? 1st: Get the latest stable release build number from google chrome blog latest stable releases articles, and take note of the build number. as of this posting date, the latest stable release is v13.0.782.220 2nd: Note the last 6digits of the build number, in this case it would be 782.220. Copy it more

How To Disable Ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has a new cool feature in Windows Explorer. It has a Ribbon feature like MS Office 2010, but you wanted to disable it. The Windows 8 explorer ribbon new feature is somewhat very handy and useful for me, we can access some basic task from the ribbon and some other tools we usually do, but if you really don’t want to use it and prefer to use the classic like windows 7 explorer, here’s a portable tool that can easily disable windows 8 explorer ribbon feature without affecting Wordpad and MS Paint ribbon features. more

How to Clear/Remove/Prevent Accidental Undo Command in Windows

UndoCommandonWindows.jpg Createadummyfile.jpg ClearRightClickCommand.jpg Many times we Copy, Move or Cut files from different folder locations in Windows to organize things and after moving or cutting files to another destination, on desktop right-click menu or any folder locations, an Undo Command option appears as you noticed, Ctrl+Z is the shortcut key for Undo Command, and then you accidentally press the shortcut key, and all the task you did before will undo things. This is a little frustrating. To prevent that from more

How to Adjust Dim, Turn-Off or Set your PC to Sleep in Windows 7

One way to save energy in your laptop is to dim the display when you are not using it in a specific duration of time. Saving battery life in a laptop is important and 1-way to conserve its power is to dim your display, turn-off or set it up to sleep in a period of time when you are not using it. In this tutorial we will adjust or set your display to dim for a specific period of time when not in use, setup how many minutes before turning off your display or configure it to sleep mode. Lets Get Started Click the power or battery icon on your more

How To Remove Pages I Like in Facebook

Many of facebook users invited by friends to Like pages, even if they don’t know or what it is, they just click LIKE Button from a page, but after a while, they decided to remove pages they like in facebook. Here are the steps on how to remove pages you like in facebook. Steps #1 Just go to the page you like and scroll down to the bottom of the page you want to unlike, and from the left side of the page, there’s a Unlike link, just click it to remove the page. and you are done. simple as that. Steps #2 and here is another way to unlike a more