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WinRAR for Symbian Phones

WinRAR for Symbian is RAR file extractor, you can extract single RAR files or parts in your Symbian Phone…
WinRAR v1.01 for Symbian
it also recognizes rar files in your phones messaging inbox (sent by bluetooth).
This is an unsigned version so you need to sign it w/ your certificate and keys, or hack your phone.
I have tested this long ago and still using it till now, I tried to extract a parts of rar files in my phone and it really works well.
Hope this will help you also in extracting RAR Files in your phone.

Supported phones: S60v3 and S60v5

Download WinRAR v1.01 for Symbian
Download Hits: 12329 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 125.97 kB

3 Replies to “WinRAR for Symbian Phones”

  1. netbox

    sorry bro, this app is not for S60v2 symbian phones…
    It only works on S60v3 and S60v5 Symbian phones, and I dont know if this works on S^3 because I dont have one to test it…
    Anyhow, Thanks for giving us your feedback. Appreciated it.

  2. netbox

    welcome jeff… Just want to share..

  3. xjeffx

    many thanks po sa apps po na to napakausefull po nito para po sakin, tnx