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Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 Patch for GLOBE Users

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta Patch for GLOBE users only!
Few months back I made my own patch for GLOBE, but now I wanted to share this to all GLOBE Subscribers…

Note: This was tested on N79 (S60v3) and 5800 (S60v5), and it works fine.
Use any working Opera Mini proxies you have already, and this is only a patch not a full installer, you must download and install the Original Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 from official opera website.
(This is for Hacked Phones only)

Installation guide:

after you downloaded the file, extract the zip and Open .sis file, it will asked you this;

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 Patch for GLOBE

Just check only 1 Patch of your choice, in our example we choose Globe Portal.
Click OK to proceed, then you will see the readme file and info.

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 Patch for GLOBE by yethz

Just click OK to continue the installation process or Cancel to abort install.
That’s all there is to it.
Open your Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 and Enjoy…

Update: March 15, 2011 @ 4:20 pm
Added new patches for globe (Thanks to hideki)

Download Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 Patch v2
Download Hits: 10113 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 1.49 MB

You might want to check the latest Updates of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile and check out whats new.
If you have any questions/comments, please do post it below. Thank you…

18 Replies to “Opera Mini 5.1 Beta 2 Patch for GLOBE Users”

  1. S60V3&V5: Opera Mini 5.1beta2 – Globe Patch

    […] Get it Here […]

  2. yet

    sorry to say bro, even if i will guide you how, but now this patch doesn’t work anymore (i think), and I dont have any plans on making another patch.

  3. Otopedic

    bosing pa turo naman po kung paano gagawin ko at ano install ko,i read trend dko maget mga abrivation….cencya na po newby kc ,n0kia 6120 po unit ko pwd po ba cya?

  4. yet

    not a problem. glad it still works on you 🙂

  5. RankaLee

    it works on my samsung corby wifi . thanks sir . you really help me a lot . thank you so much 🙂

  6. netbox

    download x-plore sa official site
    winrar for symbian will post it soon!
    personal life priority ko ngayon 😉

  7. xjeffx

    bro parequest po ng Xplore na maganda ganda sa 5800 at tsaka po winrar sa unit na po yan. tnx

  8. janah

    hello.. nung sinubukan ko pong e DL .. it says “certificate error” bat po ganun? diba po tested to sa nokia 5800 xm?
    im using globe..
    pa help naman po..
    thanks in advance..!

  9. netbox

    yup bro my space yun…
    yung equal sign pinalitan ng space character
    kahit naman siguro kahit anong freesite gagamitin, same tricks pa rin still space trick lahat 😀

  10. Hideki

    Sir johnsphones.may space po ba ung after ng run? Ayaw kc magc0nnect trick po sana sir. Tnx.
    Hindi ko po maaccess ung ibang page ng, naka mobile lng po kz ako.
    Un pong pang smart, follow up ko nlng.

  11. netbox

    Hideki :
    sir johnsphones. Gwa dn po u pang smart.
    Sure… please provide the magic 😀 use the contact page to send the info.. thanks

  12. Hideki

    sir johnsphones. Gwa dn po u pang smart.

  13. Hideki

    salamat dito. Pakopya. 😀

  14. netbox

    Q: How to hack your 5800?
    A: You must use HelloOX2 if your firmware is below v31… If you are using latest or higher firmware to only way to do that is use Custom Firmware (CFW) or Original Firmware (OFW) w/ added Installserver.exe…
    Q: What network would I recommend?
    A: I suggest you to use GLOBE Network (period) 😀
    Q: What Opera Mini would I install?
    A: It is your choice, I suggest to use Latest Opera Mini…
    Q: Connection Configuration?
    A: Most latest Mobile phones now has builtin configuration when you insert your SIM..
    if you use globe, automatic na po my globe configuration ka,
    homepage? no need to change it (we dont use it anyway), proxy and port – you have to find a working proxies or port (1st comment on this post, read it)
    All-in-All: yeah maganda ang free, but expect not good services LOL!
    if you really want a fast and stable internet in your mobile, i suggest to subscribe the networks services, like unlimited internet for whole day etc…
    Stable? get a DSL connection 😀 coz wireless connection wont give you stability…
    Salamat po sa pag-tanong at sa pag-comment mo. really appreciated it..

  15. izekie

    pahelp nman po..
    1.1 im using ———————nokia 5800 xpress music
    2.2 network ko po is ———-smart, and globe, sun (kung wat po mas maganda at mas mabilis na om for this kau na po ang bahala magssuggest)
    3.3 what po Opera Mini i have to download?
    4.4 help na din for ———connection name, apn, home page, proxy and port..
    thank you po haaaa.. need ko po talaga adik po kasi ako mobile browsing and i really want it because its for free!!!

  16. izekie

    panu po ba ihack ang 5800?
    actually natry ko na po xa o.m 5.1 smart po kaya lang once ko lang nagamit pang fb the next time na nagfb ako di na po ako makaconnect uli, puro UNABLE TO ONNECT na po and PLEASE REVIEW YOU SETTINGS..
    pahelp nman po..thanks! i really need assistance po and help!!!
    thenk you po!!!

  17. netbox

    Ok bro, thanks, i’ll upload it here later today or bukas 😉