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TTPOD v4 English (Updated to v4.30)

TTPod v4.30 of powerful music player, now with S^3 devices support!


Key features:

● Full support for S^3 and S60v5 devices
● Special interface for control using touch screen
● Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WMA and M4A
● Built-in equalizer
● Sound fade, stereo widening and bass boost effects
● Support for skins and visual effects
● Ability to download songs, album covers and lyrics
● Online access to music charts
● Sleep timer
● Mini-player in background mode
and many more features…

What’s new:

● Resolved problem with inability to run the program on some models
● Optimized ID3 tags editor, improved scanning speed
● Fix bug with random mode
● Optimized displaying lyrics and tips
● Resolved problem with inability to close the app using task manager
● Fixed scanning problems
● Improved performance and switching speed
● Optimized volume difference between MP3, WMA and M4A

(Note : If you run TTPOD and It wont open, then download and Install TTPOD Patch for Run)
Thanks to Kienvp@SymPViet for the english translation…
Download TTPod v4 Beta 2 English
Download Hits: 16689 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 1.22 MB
Download TTPod Patch for Run
Download Hits: 9066 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 253.73 kB

Update: May 12, 2011 – TTPod v4.30 English
TTPod v4 has been updated to v4.30 – Translated by ene49 (cepteam)
Whats New?
● Added skins by ene49
● A larger increase in full-screen mode of singers, the effect is even more dazzling.
● Increasing alarm clock function, accompanied by songs to start a new day.
● Increasing built-in image display switch
● Increase the track number list.
● The repair part of the problem:
a. edit the songs, sometimes out of the list.
b. Drag the icon for the program interface appears QQ background blur.
c. Topic of the day sounds effects avoided.
d. Sony Ericsson, Samsung models catching the splash screen display problem.
(Tested in my 5800 with C6 CFW, and working flowlessly, Faster and smoother)

Download TTPod v4.30 English for Symbian
Download Hits: 12225 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 1.69 MB

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  4. Enrico Menez

    Any chance of being able to use the ancient but awesome enhancer 0.17 DSP plugin from Winamp? The plugin is 10 years old but there’s nothing comparable. Designed for a Pentium 233, so any modern smartphone will be much more powerful than the computers of that era.

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    thanks for the update mate, working great.

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