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Easily Turn OFF/ON Windows Functions & Tools with Manage It

Disable or Enable windows managing tools like Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt and many others…

If you don’t want other users on your PC to run some advance windows tools, to prevent them from changing windows settings and others, you might need a handy tool called Manage It.

Manage It User Interface Preview

Manage It can easily Enable/Disable Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor or Disable some Right-click context menu or add entries.

It is portable app, you can run it without any installation. It supports Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.
a required .NET Framework 3.5 or above to run this app.

Download Manage It for Windows

Note: Use this tool at your own risk. We advise to create a system restore point before applying your tweak.

2 Replies to “Easily Turn OFF/ON Windows Functions & Tools with Manage It”

  1. yet

    Yes very handy indeed… Its very useful when your PC have multiple users.

  2. ha14

    handy little tool