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Aero Wallpaper Changer for Windows 7

AeroWallpaperChanger is another “wallpaper changer” software for Windows 7. However, it have special feature “change Aero Color” what change color of windows with enabled Aero to color matches current wallpaper.
For example, when your wallpaper is red, then color of windows will be red too. When wallpaper looks like rainbow of mixed colors, the color of Aero windows will be average color of current image. Try it by yourself, i find this feature cool.
Sure, it can be disabled in preferences. Also it not enabled by default, you have to enable this option by yourself.

Example of Aero coloring:
Aero Weather

AeroWallpaperChanger based on StarterWallpaperChanger and inherits all useful features:
-Change wallpaper on timer
-Change wallpaper on application’s start
-Change wallpaper by global hotkey (defined by YOU)
-Autostart after users logon
-Disable slideshow when on battery
-English and Russian UI both for application and installer

AeroWallpaperChanger supports all editions of Windows 7 except Starter. You can ask “Why i need this software when Windows 7 have desktop slideshow by default?”. The answer is simple: AeroWallpaperChanger is more flexible and Aero coloring make your desktop look smooth.

Download Aero Wallpaper Changer