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Shortcut Key to Access Admin Tools in Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)

As we all knew, Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released few days ago, and its really worth to try, for advance or power users. Start Menu was removed and replaced with Metro Start Screen as one of its new features. Now, If you are using a non-touched capable screen these shortcut key will come handy for you and I just want to share you how we can access quickly the important built-in tools in Windows 8 CP from a shortcut key. As you can see on the preview, a pop-up menu for most useful tools that we Windows users use a lot with this admin tool...read more

Tweak Mouse & Touch Gestures When Closing Metro Apps in Windows 8

In Windows 8 when closing a metro apps you will drag from top of the screen to the bottom edge of your screen. Close Threshold app can change that behavior. Close Threshold for Metro Apps is a must-have tool for all Windows 8 users. It allows you to improve ways of Metro apps closing. You will able to do much smaller mouse movements/touch “swipes” to close any app. From the Close Threshold app you can change the mouse or touch gestures when closing a metro apps. We recommend changing mouse threshold from 600-700 range, in that way you can dra...read more

Speed Up Your Windows PC with Auslogics BoostSpeed [Review & Giveaway]

Make your Windows PC faster, stable & responsive with the help of Auslogics BoostSpeed, Download it now. We always wanted a faster Windows PC, responsive and error free. First thing comes to our mind is to buy a new PC or laptop with the latest hardware’s available that we can afford, or upgrade to a bigger RAM, faster CPU’s and etc., because our Old PC or laptop is slow and unresponsive to do our daily task. but what we don’t know is that we can speed it up and even faster than it was before you used to. and today, I’ll share you how you can ...read more

Make Your Windows PC Faster & Top Shape with Auslogics Disk Defrag PRO [Giveaway]

Overtime when we use our Windows PC, files in our Hard Drive are fragmented stored in different blocks in your HDD, Auslogics Disk Defrag PRO, new technology re-arranges those files for fast read-write data access. Before we shared you Auslogics BoostSpeed PRO 5 that can enhance, speed up and makes error free windows pc and it comes with disk defragmenter too, but now Auslogics Disk Defrag PRO gives you more advance tool & new file defragmentation technology that makes your windows pc faster loading time and fast data access from its latest da...read more

Remove Old System Restore Points in Windows with CCleaner

System Restore Points are backup points which we can use to restore our system to an earlier state, if we experience problems after changing system files, installing apps that causes our system to failure. But having too many restore points also can make our system sluggish and can even cause a slow down to our system, and also consume a lot of disk space in our hard drives. So, removing some old restore points can gain up a bit of space or even make your system loads fast. CCleaner can also remove your old restore points, but you should take ...read more

How To Disable Ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has a new cool feature in Windows Explorer. It has a Ribbon feature like MS Office 2010, but you wanted to disable it. The Windows 8 explorer ribbon new feature is somewhat very handy and useful for me, we can access some basic task from the ribbon and some other tools we usually do, but if you really don’t want to use it and prefer to use the classic like windows 7 explorer, here’s a portable tool that can easily disable windows 8 explorer ribbon feature without affecting Wordpad and MS Paint ribbon features. Ribb...read more

[Update] Remove Watermark in Windows 8 Release Preview (RP) Build 8400 & Consumer Preview (CP) Build 8250

Wanted to remove the watermark or the build information on your Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 desktop? then try this tweak to disable or remove the watermark For this past few days, Im beginning to like Windows 8 CP, not to mention it is still on beta stage, and we cannot expect a stable OS to be as primary OS on our machines, but so far It works very well on my machine. Now, one thing that annoyed me is the watermark or the build information on desktop that there’s no availabe option to hide it, to make our desktop more clean & green ;)...read more

Easily Turn OFF/ON Windows Functions & Tools with Manage It

Disable or Enable windows managing tools like Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt and many others… If you don’t want other users on your PC to run some advance windows tools, to prevent them from changing windows settings and others, you might need a handy tool called Manage It. Manage It can easily Enable/Disable Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor or Disable some Right-click context menu or add entries. It is portable app, you can run it without any installation. It supports Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. a required .NET Framewo...read more