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Shortcut Key to Access Admin Tools in Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)

As we all knew, Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released few days ago, and its really worth to try, for advance or power users.

Start Menu was removed and replaced with Metro Start Screen as one of its new features. Now, If you are using a non-touched capable screen these shortcut key will come handy for you and I just want to share you how we can access quickly the important built-in tools in Windows 8 CP from a shortcut key.

Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

As you can see on the preview, a pop-up menu for most useful tools that we Windows users use a lot with this admin tools.

To access those menu, just press Windows Key + X on your keyboard and quick menu admin tools will pop-up from the left-bottom of your screen, this works either your on desktop or Start Screen. You can also point your mouse to the bottom-left of the screen and right-click.

Have you tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview already? What’s your insights? What you like and what you don’t. you are free to comment below.

3 Replies to “Shortcut Key to Access Admin Tools in Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta)”

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  2. yet

    @daniel: When im on a metro app doing something or any other app by pressing Win+X Quick Menu Tools (Admin Tools) Pops-up right-away..

  3. Daniel Nunes

    From any other app, you’ll just need to press an extra WIN key to do the same. So WIN, WIN+X.