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What We Want from Windows 8.1 and What We Get

Steve Ballmer - CEO Microsoft, Julie Larson-Green - Windows and Antoine Leblond - CVP Windows Program Management discussed at the Build 2013 conference in San Francisco about the economic opportunities and reach design that generates software development through the Windows platform, including new tools for advanced programming and support services. Also, company representatives announced the immediate availability of Windows 8.1 preview, the next update for Windows. Larson-Green has made a demo of the key features of Windows 8.1, including a h...read more

Safari and IE8 hacked at Pwn2Own, Chrome still safe

Just a few minutes before Pwn2Own contest, Apple released Safari 5.0.4 along with iOS 4.3. At the contest, MacBook Air and Safari 5.0.4 pwned in five seconds. Vupen said “We pwned Apple Safari on Mac OS X (x64) at pwn2own in 5 seconds,”. That, at least, is better than it fared in 2008. (more…)...read more

Internet Explorer 9 RC now available for download!

Microsoft has released the download links for Internet Explorer 9 RC. This new version includes an improved tab functionality including the new squarish visual elements, and movable tab bar elements. It also includes features that enable a user to refuse tracking from advertisers. (more…)...read more

Google is Planning to Release 60x Faster Chrome 7 to Hit IE9 and Firefox 4

In case you are living under a rock and don't know yet, last week Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 beta with full hardware acceleration of all HTML5 content, improve canvas speed. Also Mozilla has released Firefox 4 beta last month with Panorama feature and more. So, Google is planning to Release Chrome 7 to hit back at IE9 and Firefox 4. (more…)...read more

BREAKING: Internet Explorer 9 Beta Available for Download

Yeah, Internet Explorer 9 now available for download, but for Windows 7 / Vista users only, as we told you this morning, IE9 brings a bunch of new features that satisfies all users especially Windows 7 users. Microsoft reinvented Internet Explorer 9 with a group of partners including eBay, Hulu, CNN and Amazon who have all created special sites for the new functionality. (more…)...read more

Microsoft Reinvents Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Are you Ready for More Beautiful Web?

Microsoft is set to officially unveil Internet Explorer 9 beta today in San Fransisco and will make it available to public. The company will unveil a bunch of new features you have never seen. With Internet Explorer 9, Windows 7 users will be able to pin their favourite sites and web apps with a high quality icon to the taskbar and start menu. (more…)...read more

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Leaked [Video]

We are just a week away from Internet Explorer 9 beta announcement on September 15th in Las Vegas, and here we got our hands on a video showing Internet Explorer 9 beta. A few days ago we saw a screenshot of IE9 published on a Russian site with full details and features. Now, you have to see this video. (more…)...read more

Is This the New Internet Explorer 9 Interface?

We may be entering in a browser war from Opera, Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft! ZDNet has managed to snap a screenshot and some features of the next Internet Explorer 9 from a Microsoft Russian post that has been pulled and deleted! The post was showing the following screenshot of Internet Explorer 9 interface, (more…)...read more

Microsoft could Regain the Edge over Chrome and Firefox with the Upcoming Browser?

Microsoft from London has just said in a tweet that they will bet on browsers with the new upcoming Internet Explorer 9, they Said that they may Regain the Edge over Google and Mozilla Firefox with this browser next year. (more…)...read more