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Is This the New Internet Explorer 9 Interface?

We may be entering in a browser war from Opera, Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft! ZDNet has managed to snap a screenshot and some features of the next Internet Explorer 9 from a Microsoft Russian post that has been pulled and deleted! The post was showing the following screenshot of Internet Explorer 9 interface,

Here’s some snippets that ZDNet could take from the Russian site before it has been deleted, we summed up them here:

  • There will be a new, simplified navigation bar with IE 9
  • There will be some navigation tools for commonly used functions
  • There will be provisions for “recognized,” or “protected,” sites which will allow users to go straight from the Windows taskbar to these sites without having to open IE first.
  • There will be “tear-off tabs” which seems to be a simple way to line up two different web pages side by side on your screen.
  • Browsing will be directly from the Windows Taskbar into IE9.

Internet Explorer 9 beta should be launched on September 15th. So is it really a big browser war especially with Mozilla Firefox 4 beta that allowed Panorama and Sync in the latest beta? [via TheNextWeb]