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Firefox 4 Beta 4 Released, Panorama Envolved

Firefox 4 Beta 4 has been released to evolve the new amazing feature “Tab Candy” but this time it’s called “Panorama”, (I really love it) and it’s now built in Firefox 4, starting from this beta. Aza Raskin says on his blog,

I am happy to announce that Tab Candy is coming to Firefox 4. Starting today, Tab Candy will be called Firefox Panorama and be available as a feature in Firefox betas. Head to the Firefox 4 feature list, or watch the video below, to learn how to organize your tabs into groups and reclaim your browsing experience from clutter and information overload.

Give it a try and tell us how you like this feature! It’s really awesome

Download Firefox 4 Beta 4 for Windows / Mac / Linux

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