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Microsoft Reinvents Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Are you Ready for More Beautiful Web?

Microsoft is set to officially unveil Internet Explorer 9 beta today in San Fransisco and will make it available to public. The company will unveil a bunch of new features you have never seen. With Internet Explorer 9, Windows 7 users will be able to pin their favourite sites and web apps with a high quality icon to the taskbar and start menu.

Internet Explorer 9 will satisfy Windows 7 users. Beside the ability to pin sites and web apps to the taskbar and start menu, Web developers will be able to create specially designed pages that allow end users to take the site URL and pin it as a button on the Windows 7 taskbar. Like Google.

Internet Explorer 9 also adds full support for HTML5. It takes the advantage of the power of GPU and graphics rendering for all pages. Web developers will be able to exploit this power in ways they already know (CSS, DHTML, JavaScript).

Microsoft will unveil Internet Explorer 9 beta later today, with a group of partners including eBay, Hulu, CNN and Amazon who have all created special sites for the new functionality. Once IE 9 is available for download, you will be able to get it immediately here on CoveringWeb, stay tuned for the big event tonight. [via Neowin, ZDnet, FastCompany]

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