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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Leaked [Video]

We are just a week away from Internet Explorer 9 beta announcement on September 15th in Las Vegas, and here we got our hands on a video showing Internet Explorer 9 beta. A few days ago we saw a screenshot of IE9 published on a Russian site with full details and features. Now, you have to see this video.

It was pretty cool that Microsoft could keep tight lid on IE 9 development and final beta build to prevent any leaks. But I think this is the biggest leak that may happen to any browser or any software, a video showing it in action with it’s logo and interface.

The video embedded at the bottom is reportedly offering a sneak peek at the Beta development milestone of Internet Explorer 9, which is scheduled for launch next week at the “Beauty of the Web” event in San Francisco.

Video via Softpedia

You may notice that the interface shown above is the same interface which we showed you before in a screenshot. So can Microsoft regain the power over Chrome, Firefox, Opera with Internet Explorer 9?