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Samsung Galaxy S5 – Preview

Like last year, 2014 too promises to be an intriguing market for smartphone lovers. Come April and we are all set to address the first premium release of this year and it’s none other than the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S5! Let’s see how well S5 fetches to the sky high expectations of loyal Samsung customers!
One of the most common complains that a Samsung smartphone user has is that Samsung does not works too much on the looks of its smartphone. S4 was almost similar to S3 and Samsung lovers have high hopes that S5 doesn’t disappoint them on looks! After all, they are emptying their pocket substantially; they surely deserves a custom premium looking smartphone for the price they pay for it!
Well, if you just look at the new S5, you get a mixed feeling. No clear verdict for sure! The looks are different from S4, but they aren’t like the one that makes you go ‘wow!’ Galaxy S5 has got a slightly bumpier look than its previous versions, which may or may not appeal to you. It comes in four different colours, and includes Golden, apart from the regular White. Blue and Black. It looks best on Blue though. The looks also have somewhat of resemblance to Nexus 7. In fact, Galaxy S5 looks inspired from more than one smartphone but the end result is much better than its previous versions.
Samsung note, s4 and s5 size compare
The screen is 5.1”, which is slightly bigger than S4 (5.0”) . A 2.5 GHz quad core pro with a 2 MB RAM ensures that S 5 performs smoother, faster and uninterrupted. Its IP 67 certified, which makes it dust proof and water resistant. It has a movable back and facilitates totally expandable storage. It also has a completely swappable 2800 mAh battery, which provides an impressive 16 days stand by life to the smartphone.
The front buttons layout seems to be inspired by Apple, but this too is for good. Now, it has just just Back, Home and Multitasking buttons at the front. It has a fingerprint sensor in the Home button which has to be swiped before using the smartphone. Once its set up, it can be used to access certain secure apps like paypal or you can also use it to unlock your smartphone. However, it would had been better, if this feature has been made more sophisticated.
Samsung Galaxy S5 concept
Samsung smartphones are best known for their superb camera and S5 does not disappoint you a bit on it either! Its 16 mega pixel camera promises super refined photo quality and that too with an amazing photo capturing speed (30 pics in rough 3.5 seconds is quite something for sure!). Camera quality of Samsung smartphones have consistently improved with launch of every single premium model and Galaxy S5 continues this legacy successfully.
Another premium feature allows you to calculate your heart beat. By just keeping your finger on the phone, you would be able to check if everything is going well with the most vital organ of your body, the heart! The health applications are becoming more and more popular with the smartphone users and this feature seems quite useful for keeping a check on your health.
On the flip side, S5 has does not have that spectacular feeling about it, which can clearly separate it from its previous models and move it to the ‘must buy’ list of smartphone users. At times, it looks more like nothing more than an extension of Galaxy S4 and not a brand new S5, which has something to offer than none of its counterparts can do. Some critics are comparing it to Apple 5, 5C and 5S series and even calling it as Galaxy S4 part two! Things would have been much better for S5, had it try to do something with its looks, but then the fact is that the successful version S3 has set such a trend, that the Samsung developers might have not liked the idea to risk the sales by making some drastic change in the look, which has helped them selling multi million pieces of Galaxy series S3 and S4.
samsung Galaxy s5 photo
All said and done. Galaxy S5 definitely looks a further step ahead by Samsung. Be it its features or functionality, it seems to deliver on all scales. Earlier, the rumors were that Samsung might set a price lower than the S4 for it, but now, that seems unlikely! On the other hand, S4 will see a decline in price as S5 enters the market and honestly, that’s the way it should be!
Samsung is releasing its different versions in Asian and European market and also for the different mobile networks. Its official release is just a few weeks away and the market buzz for S5 is encouraging. The only thing that we will have to wait is that if this will turn out to be the best smartphone of the year. For now, with no competition in its segment, it looks like Galaxy S5 is going to sell like hot cake!

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