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Samsung Galaxy S5 – Preview

Like last year, 2014 too promises to be an intriguing market for smartphone lovers. Come April and we are all set to address the first premium release of this year and it’s none other than the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S5! Let’s see how well S5 fetches to the sky high expectations of loyal Samsung customers! (more…)...read more

Google’s Significant Mobile-Related Achievements in 2013

Google came approximately 15 years ago and it is showing none of the weakening complacencies that derailed many once-dominant tech companies. In 2013, the company continues to solidify its position in just about in any area of the Internet-based economy. The company is competing in multiple areas; web-based services, software, hardware, social networking, TV and retail. But despite the seemingly lack of focus, Google is reaping significant gains this year. It’s success is due to the release of new products, services and software platforms. Here...read more

Upcoming Smartphones – 2014

2014 promises bigger, better, faster and more dynamic smartphones. The year is all set to buzz around octacore, ultrapoint and stimulated 3D UI type of keywords! New players are expected to enter the market and the oldies are committed to not only hold their loyal customer base, but also expand their market and reach new horizons! Here are the list of some of the smartphones, which are expected to make it big in 2014 : (more…)...read more

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Smartphone features

Seoul, Korea, The Samsung Electronics Company has recently introduced another smartphone "The Galaxy Grand 2". Like other devices by Samsung, this launch is also expected to be loved by people all over the world. Its processor, speed, large size, clear display, camera etc make this smartphone standout among its predecessors. It is a device that offers an optional large-screen experience to its users on a portable and compact smartphone. This great evolution of Galaxy Grand series has been launched with meaningful upgrades to its predecessor dev...read more

3D projector for iPad coming soon

Aircord Labo, a Japanese design team, released a video showing their 3D projection system for the iPad. The projector requires some special hardware, though it’s already rather promising: viewers can move around the system and view objects or images as if they were floating in space. Release date hasn’t been announced yet. ...read more

Chicken Hero Defender for iPad coming soon

Here is a promo video for amusing and absorbing Chicken Hero Defender game; it’s devoted to chicken superman’s advantages Currently only iPhone and iPod versions are available, but very soon we will see it for iPad also. Developers promise to release the iPad version in the late summer. ...read more

Disney on your iPad

Price: free Download link: iTunes The Walt Disney Studios has announced a new app with unpretentious title Disney Movies exclusively for iPad in order to inform and engage fans. The app will allow users to learn more about new and favorite Disney movies. (more…)...read more