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Top 6 Coolest Accesories for Samsung Galaxy S4

Life becomes more fun and interesting with Samsung Galaxy S4. It has functional features that make life easier and more accessible. This phone is not only about bridging connections and capturing great moments in life. It is more than a lifestyle that someone can truly keep like a real companion. Thus, by gearing it up with the right accessories can make it even more functional and captivating. So below are the top six coolest and latest accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 that one should never miss.
1. Wireless Charging Pad and Cover
This is the coolest and latest accessory released by Samsung this June. The charging pad and the special cover in the phone work hand in hand like partners. So, this is very easy to use by just having a simple snap on the cover before placing it on the pad. After that, a quick notification will pop up in the screen as a signal that charging begins. The pad cost about $49 while the cover costs $39. Overall, these accessories can really make charging more accessible and fast. Thus, one will not find charging a hassle thing to do.
wireless charging Galaxy S4

In Galaxy S4 Wireless charging kit, you get two things one is Wireless charging pad plus Wireless charging cover. Firstly, you have to remove the original S4 back cover, attach the new Wireless charging cover (of course it will make your phone thicker to original S4), then place the phone on Wireless charging pad. Then because of induction current, Galaxy S4 starts getting charging. But the charging time on Galaxy S4 wireless charger is 3 times more than that of Wall mounted USB charger. So, you may judge and decide if it is okay with you.
The Galaxy S4 wireless charger pad matches the body of original Galaxy S4, because from outside both have similar touch plus same material. But on the charging table you will find layer of a rubber that creates friction between S4 body and charging pad. But it can prevent S4 from sliding only for small angles of inclination. Angle more than 45 is not recommended. Also, you will see a dotted circle representing the perfect area of placement Galaxy S4 on the wireless charging pad.If we talk about the connectivity of Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger, then you will find only a microUSB port that is used for connecting or powering it from original wall mounted charger. You will not find any button on the wireless charger itself. You just need to plug and the indicator present on the charging pad will guide you that how you are doing, if you have placed the S4 on the right place or not.
**Requires 2Amp charger to function, sold separately. Check the label on the charger that came with your handset to verify it is 2Amp. Compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones
The LED indicator on the charging pad will turn green if your phone is properly charging or will turn yellow if your phone is not in the correct placement on the pad in order to charge effective

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 S Band Fitness Bracelet
S band fitness bracelet can make someone have a healthier lifestyle. This high tech bracelet accessory has a 3d sensor that can monitor and measure someone’s sleep efficiency during the night. Aside from that, this can also measure the exercise details like how many steps are walked and how many calories are already burned. So, no wonder this can make someone’s exercise more accurate and fun. After that, the data will be stored in the Phone via Bluetooth 4.0. This is also waterproof; thus it is very safe to use anywhere.
Samsung Galaxy S4 band fitness bracelet
3. Extra Battery and Charger Kit
This extra battery kit is very good while traveling or even during emergencies. It is a big advantage if one is always ready by having an extra battery kit with a charger as a reserve for some unexpected situations. Aside from that, the battery inside is very safe as it is very much protected by a cover. Thus, it is a wise choice to have this extra batter kit always.
4. Protective Covers
With protective covers, the phone can truly be protected from any accidents and other untoward incidents. And nowadays, protective covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 are not only functional but are also artistic in its design. There are different colors with different designs from a variety of materials. So, choices are many and one can really choose according to his or her own sense of style.
5. Pouch
Samsung Galaxy S4 can be more protected from dust, dirt, accidental drops and breakage with the use of a pouch. Most of the time, a pouch is made from a leather material; so it is more durable. The inner of the pouch is also made from a soft material so any scratches will be prevented. Some of these pouches are having magnets attached inside in order to make sure that the Samsung S4 is firmly kept. However, it is rest assured that the magnet does not affect the device itself. So, if in case the phone will experience some accidental drops, still it is completely safe and sound.
6. Heart Rate Monitor
samsung S4 Heart Rate Monitor
This is another kind of accessory that promotes well being and fitness. Heart rate monitor is very exceptional in terms of its function to phone users. This is very good for those people who are sports enthusiasts. So, while they are doing their daily exercises or sports activities, they can easily monitor their heart rate. And for those who are suffering from any heart related sicknesses, they can also use this accessory. Actually this works best with the S Band Fitness Bracelet.
These cool accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 make things easier and more convenient. They also prove that phones are not only good for communication; but can also cater other aspects of life. For with these accessories, it very impressive that phones can promote a healthier lifestyle to everyone. Aside from that, accessibility, convenience, and safety are also being covered. Thus, with the functionality and great design of these cool accessories; one can have a better experience with his or her phone. And that makes a lot of sense.

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