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Samsung Galaxy S5 – Preview

Like last year, 2014 too promises to be an intriguing market for smartphone lovers. Come April and we are all set to address the first premium release of this year and it’s none other than the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S5! Let’s see how well S5 fetches to the sky high expectations of loyal Samsung customers! (more…)...read more

Six Things Perfect Smartphones in 2014 Should Have

Another fascinating year is already behind us. The year 2013 gave us significant improvements in terms of mobile technology. Many of us have excitedly talked about upcoming Android smartphone to be announced and released in 2014. This will be a more competitive period for device manufacturers and they need to deliver highly capable models. Here are things manufacturers should consider when designing a perfect smartphone for consumers in 2014. (more…)...read more

Jobs and Murdochs Daily iPad Newspaper Launches Next Month

Steve Job and Rupert Murdoch's are set to launch their iPad "Daily" newspaper application sometime during the first three weeks of January 2011. (more…)...read more

iOS 4.2 Releasing Today

After what seems like years of waiting Apple is finally set to release iOS4.2 for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices today according to reports today. (more…)...read more

Firemint Release New Real Racing 2 Cinematic Trailer

Firemint has released a new cinematic trailer for it's upcoming release of Real Racing 2. In this trailer we can see some of the new vehicles featured in the game to include (more…)...read more

Atmospheric Zombie Shooter Aftermath is Free for a Day.

There has been a fascination with zombies among gamers since the very beginning of video games, iPhone gamers are no different. While there are a number of notable zombie shooters for the iDevice, very few capture the intesity and mood of such staples as “Left 4 Dead” the way TwoHeads Games' “Aftermath” does. (more…)...read more

New iPods, Apple TV and iOS 4.1 Hit the Stage at Apples September Event.

Steve Jobs took the stage on Wednesday at his annual September Apple event to announce and discuss the new iPod line, Apple TV, iOS 4.1 &- 4.2 and the debut of Game Center. (more…)...read more

Skyfire Mobile Browser, FLASH finally on the AppStore?

We've just received news that Skyfire, a mobile app developer for Apple and Android devices has recently submitted their first application to Apple and appears set to be approved. While that might not sound so exciting at face value this particular application is set to finally bring FLASH to iPhone, iPads, and iTouch devices. (more…)...read more

iOS 4.02 and 3.22 Released. Jailbreakers Beware

iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone and iPod touch, and iOS 3.2.2 have been released live on iTunes servers.Details of the update as well as direct download links are provided below.Jailbreak and Unlocked users should avoid this update like the plague if you wish to keep your system open, as this update will remove the ability to use jailbreakme.com and any other current methods of unlocking and or Jailbreaking your iDevices.The security patches are the only changes in the updates, but apple claims they're significant ones. The first addresses a flaw in PDF h...read more

Apple iPad has bugs

Turns out, Apple iPad yet has bugs. It emerged that it can’t bear the heat, but, you know, there is trying heat in half the earth now. iPad stops working at temperature higher than 95 degrees F (35 degrees Celsius), it simply switches off. This mass phenomenon resulted in the same mass action lawsuits. (more…)...read more