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iPad owners are selfish people!

Did you know that Apple iPad owners are selfish, spoilt elites, and critics of this device are geeks? Neither did I :) To tell the whole world what are they (iPad owners) like, Wired even conducted a study. So, here are its results.

According to a very interesting study around the psychological profile of iPad owners, most of them are wealthy, well-educated, power-seeking, wise in experience, over-achieving and disproportionately interested in business and finance, but at the same time altruism and kindness is not their strong point. In other words, iPad owners are selfish elites.

It’s rather interesting that the majority of people criticizing iPad never actually played with the device. This group is specifically represented with self-reliant young people who are scornful of conformity and take an interest in videogames, computers, electronics, science and Internet. On the whole, iPad critics are geeks, and owning iPad would be a sign of conformance for them, and this is actually what they despite.

Folks from MyType also keep up. They conducted a research on 20,000 owners and critics, which gives ability to explain some surprising results: in their opinion, the iPad price tag as well as the fact that the device is more or less “superfluous” seems to interest self-centred workaholics who value power and success, and are not of those who help others. On the other hand, the main reason why iPad critics are so vehement can be explained by the fact that bashing the iPad is an identity statement for them.

Though, how can we take the results of these studies seriously if in reality we can see absolutely another situation? And it’s much sadder.