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iPad owners are selfish people!

Did you know that Apple iPad owners are selfish, spoilt elites, and critics of this device are geeks? Neither did I To tell the whole world what are they (iPad owners) like, Wired even conducted a study. So, here are its results. (more…)...read more

Shrek Kart HD for iPad

Here is a trailer for Shrek Kart HD for Apple iPad developed by Gameloft. The app was released today and costs mere $0.99. It’s colorful, thrilling and timely. ...read more

Another iTunes 9.2.1 update

Apple updated their media combine to 9.2.1 version. Change in the third figure means that there are no large innovations. Though, besides overall performance improvement, the new version brings a variety of bug fixes. (more…)...read more

iPad comes to 9 more countries

By all appearances, Apple decided to make it a tradition to expand a sale market for their extremely popular iPad every two months. So, first iPad became available in USA, two months later, on May 28, it came to a series of countries, such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain. (more…)...read more

iPad is an assistant director :)

Famous film-maker, Michael Bay, who directed such movies as “Transformers,” “Armageddon,” “The Island,” “The Rock,” and “Bad Boys” is now working on “Transformers 3” and who’d you think is helping him?… that’s right, it’s Apple iPad 3G. I don’t know how useful can be iPad on movie set but the fact remains ...read more

Caricature on B.Obama on iPad

The video shows the process of drawing caricature on Barack Obama on Apple iPad in Brushes app using Zeitraffer (time-lapse film) technology. “Zeitraffer” is a shooting with a time frame, used to shoot slow processes (e.g. sunrise, blooming plant, water drop etc.) ...read more

Apple updates software for iPad to iOS 3.2.1

Apple, as usual a little unexpectedly, updated software for its iPad. This iOS software update for iPad contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following: (more…)...read more

Dont drive off with iPad on a truck

The video above shows the result of driving off with Apple iPad on the roof of a truck. It laid in a street for a good hour and a half. Most likely this video was captured by former iPad owner as his hands are shaking. I would be also nervous as instead of the gadget we can see a piece of iron. iPad screen and enclosure are seriously damaged. Poor iPad!!! Do not try to do this at home ...read more

Toy Story 3 from Kyle Lambert

Last week we published the video showing Beyonce’s portrait creation by Kyle Lambert, the iPad artist out of the UK, and that was a charming show. Well, he is painting on iPad again, this time this is a jolly crowd from the newest animated picture from Disney Pixar “Toy Story 3.” (more…)...read more

99 years old lady and iPad

Lil, a nice 99 years old lady, assessed Apple iPad at $45-50 So, Mr. Jobs, you should bring down the price, as Lil with her experience knows better ...read more