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Download Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7

We all saw the Windows 8 Developer Preview for the past months now, and the theme of it is quite nice, simple and clean. Here’s Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7 users.

It’s been awhile I haven’t posted in here, that’s because I am finalizing Simple 8 VS Theme for Windows 7 mood for quite sometime now. and now its finally done and you can enjoy this for free.

Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7

You can view the larger and more clear preview from this link

So, without further chit-chat, download it now, apply, and give some feedbacks/comments or bugs you’ve encountered and we will try to fix it asap.
Tested on my Windows 7 Professional x64bit system.

Some part of it are untouched to make it more simple like Windows 8 Aero…
This VS its like Windows 7 Aero and Windows 8 Aero in one.

This is my 1st Windows 7 VS Mood, so be kind and if you can help me fixing the bugs found I would be very glad and appreciate it.
Thank you and enjoy…

Latest Updates: January 13, 2012
Final version of Simpl 8 Theme for Windows is already out. Check them out here.

Update: 11-11-11
Minor Changes and Progress Bar/Indicator’s Changed. Re-Download it Now.

Download Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7
Download Hits: 3388 – Filetype: .rar – Size:

Wait! Do you want also a Custom Start Menu Button made for Simple 8 Theme? Check our Simple 8 Custom Start Button and give us your thoughts on it.

How To Install Simple 8 Theme in Windows 7?
to be able to use this awesome 🙂 theme in your windows 7, you’ll need to patch your windows 7 with UX-Theme Multi-Patcher, after it is patched, restart your PC and proceed to installing Simple 8 Theme in your Windows 7 PC.

Extract the downloaded archive to your desktop.
Inside the archive there’s a folder called Simple 8 and a file Simple 8.theme
Copy that to your windows resource themes folder;


now, go to your desktop > right-click and choose Personalize, from there scroll down and click Simple 8 from the list. That’s all there is to it. Enjoy.

Note: There’s an update folder inside the archive, use that instead if you want to use the updated Simple 8 Theme… Thank you and I would like to hear your feedbacks or if you have any suggestions to improve this theme, you are very welcome to do so. Drop a line below.

12 Replies to “Download Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7”

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  3. yet

    Blue indicator to match with the whole theme color, and green progress bar to make it stand out 😉
    explorer frame i think will be an optional, yeah I will make one soon (a last update or final explorer frame will be included)
    so far as of this posting reply, Taskbar are changed, next will be the Start menu (minor adjustments only, I will keep the simplicity in it)
    I didn’t do too much work for these past 2 days, I got addicted with Red Alert 3 here playing aheheh..
    anyhow, as for the comments, they just download and leave 😀
    commenting here is important to me for development and improve, though they dont comment I think it means they like it LOL!
    giveaways again? giveaways draws visitors to your site for that giveaways after that they long gone 😀
    I’ll focus more on worth it to share 😉 and I stay on my own work as long as I can to make this site worth to read for 😉
    Again Thanks for your support and kindness. a true person I can count on. Thanks bro and have a nice week ahead..

  4. chankz22

    sorry for late rep……out of station lately….now back! 🙂 oo
    yeah……i tried the updated VS……and i saw something new in
    it,after applying VS the default status bar in FF/windows explorer {Progress Bar} turns out minimalistic blue(but in ccleaner and windows update{Progress Bar}
    it’s in default style,that is GREEN …very innovative yeah i
    like this updated MOD a loooot……and i haven’t faced any prob using
    this VS…….and bro try to update the default explore frame with a
    custom 1(may be in the next update of this VS)………m currently using
    “Sonye Theme for Win7 v2 by giannisgx89” explorer-frame with your
    updated vs! 😉
    ps:-people plz download and comment on this vs……….THE developer
    needs your support, ideas and suggestions………don’t be quiet……and
    m soooooooooooo happy to c that that overall download is crossed over
    1k………impressive……..(i think we need to post/organize more giveaways….so that
    people come HERE & comment………DANG….ha ha ha….LOL)anyways
    GOD bless……. CHEERS……. 😀

  5. yet

    Ohh 😉 So you’ll update firefox later next year..
    anyhow, give me some more suggestions on Simple 8, what do you have in mind? 😉

  6. chankz22

    Have u tried the updated VS?
    no……..not yet bro………..will download it
    later………..currently using the old 1(which is quite stable for me
    Fx3? why not updating?
    ha ha ha……………old is gold bro………but wl surely upgrade when the fx10 comes out! 😀

  7. yet

    Hmmm. CBR Reader, not familiar with that sorry 🙁
    Fx3? why not updating?
    Have u tried the updated VS?

  8. chankz22

    off topic:- bro do u know anything about a so called app called CBR READER? i heard that it is required for reading/viewing comics strips!!!! 😛
    anyways wl try to post further feedback if possible……..installed fined…… flawlessly as of now…….no Firefox bug occurred atm……..using Firefox 3 as default(no ff8 LOL)…GOD bless……cheers……..btw you’re very kind bro 😀

  9. yet

    Thank you very much for the continued support.
    and yes, Its really a big bang, this VS comes on Popular Skin & Themes on dA even its not yet 24hrs, Its job well done for me aheheh…
    and Yes next update will be start menu, and for the progress bar i’ll update it with aero effect blue thingy (maybe you wont like it :)) but Im sure you will lol..
    thanks for the comments, give me some feedbacks what u dont like and what you wanted upon using the VS for a couple of days i think, for my own survey 😀

  10. chankz22

    ooooo yeah you’re  back with a bang bro……..and m very very happy to c that you’ve work so hard for this MOD………….& now  finally the mission has been accomplished………FTW bro………and as far as theme goes,i like everything about it……….especially the progress bar,explorer and pinned icons (he he……ya i know bro those icons has been created by ap-graphik………LOL)anyways…….i would like to c a fully transparent  start menu in the next update for example:-    and a red progressbar may be……… 😉 anyways great job done bro…….love you and currently downloading………… :+favlove:

  11. yet

    Hahah! Thank you for letting me know.. Preview now corrected.
    and Thanks for your precious comment. I appreciate it.

  12. Shivaram Krishnan

    nice VS, but is it SIMPLE OR SINMPLE