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How To Access Advanced System Settings Quickly in Windows 7

Access Advanced System Settings quickly from Start Menu or create a shortcut for easy access in your Windows 7 PC. Most of the times we configure our Windows 7 performance settings from Advanced System Settings dialogue window through right-clicking Computer icon from your desktop or from the Start Menu and choose Properties, and on the Computer properties window, on the left pane of the window we are going to click Advanced System Settings after clicking that link, Advance System Settings window will pop-up, from their you can go through Adv...read more

How To Remove or Clear Windows Update History Log in Windows 7

Overtime your Windows Update History Log will display long lists of your installed windows update, here is a simple tip to clear windows update history log… The reason for clearing or removing windows update history log is just to make it clean and make your windows update history refreshed, no performance boost or enhancements whatsoever, though its nice to clean things up a bit. Note: Doing this method will not remove your installed updates, it only removes your history log, and you can save that log information to a different location in ca...read more

How To Capture Screenshots Instantly in Windows 8

Create a screenshots in your Windows 8 PC is a breeze with just 2-keystrokes and automatically saves them in your Windows 8 Pictures Library > My Pictures… We create screenshots of our desktop and share them to our friends, or if you need some help online and want to show them the preview that may help you a lot faster from your screenshots, then this tip may come handy to you. Before we shared you How To Capture Screenshots on Active Window in Windows PC without using any third party applications instead we only use Paint, now in Windows 8 ta...read more

Speed Up Your Windows PC with Auslogics BoostSpeed [Review & Giveaway]

Make your Windows PC faster, stable & responsive with the help of Auslogics BoostSpeed, Download it now. We always wanted a faster Windows PC, responsive and error free. First thing comes to our mind is to buy a new PC or laptop with the latest hardware’s available that we can afford, or upgrade to a bigger RAM, faster CPU’s and etc., because our Old PC or laptop is slow and unresponsive to do our daily task. but what we don’t know is that we can speed it up and even faster than it was before you used to. and today, I’ll share you how you can ...read more

FREE Giveaways for Nokia Video Converter PRO

Do you have tons of videos that you want to transfer to your Nokia Phones but you can’t copy them all because you are in short of storage media? Convert them with Nokia Video Converter PRO to reduce the file size but still enjoying the good quality viewable from your Nokia Mobile Phones. Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro is easy, fast, reliable, safe, and loaded with features, it is an all-in-one video converter for your Nokia phone. Nokia Video Converter Factory Pro is a professional video program for you to enjoy the multimedia on all of No...read more

Shutdown, Restart, Lock or Hibernate your Windows 7 via System Tray with Switch Off

Shutdown, Restart, Lock or Hibernate your PC via Start Menu and hover to Shutdown button and access those commands, but with Switch Off you can do it quickly via your Windows System tray… Switch Off is a lightweight easy-to-use tray-based system utility that could automatically shutdown, suspend or hibernate your system. This could cut your electricity bills and save the Environment by lowering your PC power consumption. It could also disconnect dial-up and VPN connections to cut your internet service bills as well. Build-in operation set cou...read more

How To Change your Windows 7 Start Button Easily

Wanted to change your Windows 7 Start Button but don’t know how? Windows 7 Start Button Changer makes the job done easily… With Windows 7 Start Button Changer changing your Windows 7 Start button is just easy as 1,2,3… You can change it with just a few mouse clicks, and can restore to default if you want. Additional notes from the author: 1. Before changing from one custom orb to another custom orb, I’d suggest you first Restore Original Explorer Backup and go back to the defaults and then change over to another custom orb. 2. The program, m...read more

Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Background Easily

With this simple and easy to use windows application you can change your windows 7 logon background screen easily. One of our previous post was Change Windows 7 Logon Background and it is a handy tool you can use, but now we are going to share you another very cool tool that is easy to use called Logon Screen app develop by our friend danielNET from dA. Features: You can right-click an image from explorer and choose set as logon screen from context menu You can right-click on desktop and choose Logon Screen from context menu to run the app C...read more