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What does it mean – that’s impossible to call by means of iPad?!

I’m really amazed at people who complain, “What does it mean – that’s impossible to call by means of iPad?!” We forget the main thing – iPad is an internet tablet but not telephone. There is such joke: “Do you have camera?” The answer is “Yes”, “Do you use it for calls?”

For those who don’t know what is Internet tablet we give the following explanation:
Internet tablet is a sort of computers classified as netbook. Such portable computers are usually used for reading eBooks, viewing photo albums or video, listening to music and of course for work in the Internet.

So, as you see all this complaints are unreasonable. We can as well complain that iPad can’t be used for cooking or wash.

We took such a great interest in groundless complaints to this device that a lot of people didn’t even notice that Apple had updated iPhone SDK and ended some restrictions for developers of applications. In particular, to your great delight now applications can accomplish VoIP connection through 3G though before this was available only with Wi-Fi.
Screenshot made in iPad SDK is as follows.

What a surprise! iPad on default can call and take pictures. Though only 3G-version can call, even now there is announced GSM support except 3G on Apple website.

Skype has also finally responded, there appeared a message in company’s blog in which developers assure that support of calls through 3G in Skype for iPhone will appear full soon. As for iPad, although there are requires – microphone, loudspeaker, Bluetooth and Internet connection, Skype engineers say they are investigating this question but their developments are at very early stage to speak positively.

But we know that new solutions won’t be slow to arrive.