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Office Networking Website Yammer is Now Owned by Microsoft

Microsoft has now cleared that it has now bought Yammer which is an office networking website. The company also told that the deal took place at the price of about $1.2 billion. (more…)...read more

Windows8 Apollo Start Up Screen

Microsoft announced officially the preview of the windows8 mobile version that is Apollo. The new version windows8 includes the fresh new home screen which includes many other applications and looks quite similar to the Windows8 consumer preview. (more…)...read more

Download Skype 5.7 Beta with Group Screen Sharing and Facebook Video Calls

Skype 5.7 has its new added features, you can now use video calls to your Facebook friends through Skype and share your screen to your group of friends. Group screen sharing Group screen sharing is a neat feature for everyone who needs to organize meetings for remote parties. It is now possible to conveniently share the your entire screen or a single application window to the other participants on the conference call whilst continuing to stream your own video as well. To start a screen sharing just choose the + menu during the call and select...read more

Download Latest & Up-to-Date Skype Full Offline Installer

Wanna download the latest version of skype full offline installer anytime you want? The full offline installer is from skype own servers, so, you dont have to worry about if its original or not ;) A few weeks ago, I tried to download and install the latest release of skype from the official homepage, but I always got some errors while installing the websetup/online installer. So, I tried to find a way to download from their server the full offline installer, so that I can install Skype without needing an internet connection to complete the pro...read more

How to Remove/Disable Banners & Advertisements on Skype

Want to remove those annoying banners/advertisements in Skype? then read this simple tutorial on how easy to disable those ads… Lets Get Started Open up your Skype and login, go to Tools > Options Next, click Notifications > Alerts & Messages, and then Uncheck Promotions after that click the Save button, Logout from Skype and Exit from Taskbar right-click Skype icon then choose Quit Skype or Quit Skype via System Tray icons. Now, Open your Skype and Login. Enjoy your Skype without banners or ads. Update: Another way to remove those annoying...read more

Skype On iPhone Has A Big Hole Allowing Hackers To Steal Your Information

Here's an important advice for you and your friends: Remove Skype from your iPhone now! There's a big hole / vulnerability which allows hackers to steal your information of all your address book content. (more…)...read more

Microsoft Acquires Skype For a Whooping $8.5 Billion

That's great! Microsoft today has acquired Skype for a $8.5 Billion. Microsoft has announced that they're planning to bring the software and technology to Xbox, Kinect, Windows Phones, Outlook, Lync and Windows services. (more…)...read more

Skype for iPhone Finally Gets Video Chat !

We've been talking about that for about a week and it's finally here! Skype has updated their iOS appp to include video chatting feature. It works over Wi-Fi and 3G to another iPhone or to a Skype desktop user. (more…)...read more

Skype Video Chat Porting to iPhone and iPod Touch

This looks really awesome, Skype is preparing for a big surprise for iPhone and iPod touch users, according to Engadet, it appears that a new update is coming to Skype which allows the iPhone and iPod touch users to make a video chat with all Skype users even they were using a Skype desktop version. (more…)...read more

Viber for iPhone Brings FREE Unlimited Phone Calls to Rival Skypes App

Skype developers should worry starting from now as it has new competition on the iPhone platform thanks to Viber, a new VoIP app that allows you to make unlimited free calls to other iPhone users over Wifi and 3G connections. The app is totally free, runs in the background without draining your battery, doesn’t have any ads and won’t charge you anything to make calls. (more…)...read more