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Has Vonage got to iPad?

One of the largest Internet telephony services providers in USA, Vonage, which used to be a great VoIP company, is planning to leverage your iPad in order to get back into profitability. The fact of the matter is that this year the number of company clients (2.3 million people) stopped increasing.

Particularly, this is because there have appeared many new companies in the VoIP telephony market recently, providing cable TV services, which due to their major base and new technologies exclude “old-timers” from their habitual places. That’s why Vonage’s CEO Marc Lefar has said he is looking into devices such as iPad to help his company’s recovery.

The company is planning to release an app for Apple tablet computer, which could bring video and messaging capabilities to your service. So far there is no information concerning how will it look like, and a full list of its features isn’t announced. But, if what is said is true, they will leverage other software and phone companies’ capabilities.

Well, it will be interesting to see how Vonage can leverage the iPad. Maybe, it will be something like Skype. What do you think about it?