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Download Skype 5.7 Beta with Group Screen Sharing and Facebook Video Calls

Skype 5.7 has its new added features, you can now use video calls to your Facebook friends through Skype and share your screen to your group of friends.


Group screen sharing

Group screen sharing is a neat feature for everyone who needs to organize meetings for remote parties.

It is now possible to conveniently share the your entire screen or a single application window to the other participants on the conference call whilst continuing to stream your own video as well.

To start a screen sharing just choose the + menu during the call and select share my screen.

Video calling to Facebook users

Now you can make video calls with all of your friends on Facebook, no matter if they are already a Skype users or not yet.

Having a video call with Facebook user is as simple as having one with Skype user, just select the person and click video call.

Push to Talk

We have introduced a Push to Talk feature in Skype. Many people who are playing multiplayer games have requested this from us.

With this feature you can set a hotkey which will toggle microphone muting on Skype call.

You can set the Push to Talk up on the hotkey’s selection under tools > options > advanced > hotkeys.

Facebook contacts logic updates

We have made few small updates to the Facebook contacts handling.

First of all we have revised how the online status is shown out on the Facebook. We are keeping now the online status of your Skype and Facebook users in sync, meaning when you set yourself ‘away’ on Skype the you will automatically appear ‘idle’ on Facebook.

There’s also a option to set yourself to be offline for everyone on Facebook, but still be logged into Skype.

In addition we have made changes how the Facebook contacts are displayed out in your Skype contact list. They’re now listed based on all the same logic as existing Skype contacts are.

and one more thing with this new Skype 5.7 Beta release is the Quit Skype feature via taskbar is now back, we can quit Skype directly via right-click menu from your windows 7 taskbar


Download Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows (release version is

Source: Skype Garage