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Street Fighter IV Is Coming To The iPhone soon

With Blades Of Fury slashing its way through the App Store crowd to take a lead in the fighting genre, I can only imagine the hordes of iPhone and iPod Touch gamers who have been praying for a Street Fighter clone to arrive too. Well, those prayers have been heard and answered in full ernest! We are not getting a clone.. we’re getting the whole enchilada! STREET FIGHTER IV IS COMING TO THE iPHONE and iTOUCH SOON! have released some details about this legendary game, and it’s really got me salivating for its release. Sadly, its still TBA, but that should mean that Capcom are taking its time to ensure that this masterpiece of digital ass-kicking is translated as close to perfection as is possible on virtual controls. Here’s some summary points from the article.

  • Capcom have “taken months” to perfect the controls on a game that relied on arcade sticks. They are even offering “a number of control configurations so players can find their favorite position, button transparency, and set-up.” Hopefully they’ll have nailed this core component down, as timing and execution are the cornerstones of Street Fighter strategies.
  • They have kept the same art direction of SFIV, so its the same models and animation, just scaled down to fit the 480&#215-320 screen.
  • Ken and Ryu are the only two confirmed characters so far, but Capcom are promising that they will have a good roster of playable characters.
  • Multiplayer is done via Bluetooth. The Dojo Mode is for practicing your moves.

3 Replies to “Street Fighter IV Is Coming To The iPhone soon”

  1. Michael

    Street Fighter is on sale to US$6.99 for THREE DAYS, to celebrate their SF IV releasing onto consoles. Downloading it now! BTW, its 200MB, so be sure to disable auto-lock and stay on wifi + powered up!

  2. Michael

    Street Fighter IV is now available in the app store! $9.99

  3. Michael

    Gamepro has a video of the gameplay on the iPhone, looks very slick indeed! The roster now confirms Ryu, Ken, Guile, Blanka, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, M. Bison and Street Fighter IV newbie Abel.

    They’re also reporting that the price will be US$10, and available next month.

    Link to the article: