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OS 4 To Allow Multitasking, Folders, And More For Some

“Your faith was strong but you needed proof.” Well today it has become official. For years now the Apple faithful have been asking for features found on many less technical phones to be implemented into the iPhone’s OS. Well it looks like Apple is finally delivering some of the most sought after features in their upcoming OS 4 for the iPhone and iPad along with a slew of other improvements and updates. While the video we have only showcases the iPhone we are told similar functionality will be brought to the iPad in OS 4 as well.

9to5mac has collected a few additional images from the new OS 4 Beta that has been released to developers and from these images we can see a few of the changes coming to OS 4. First we have the ability to now changes background images. The Second shows us the ability to segregate notes into categories. The Third shows an MMS counter for keystrokes much like twitter clients, and the last images shows an updates maps application with a direction arrow in the header.

Apple has stated that while all users will be able to update to OS 4. Some users will not be able to access certain features.

IPhone OS 4 will be available to iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod Touch users starting summer 2010, and to iPad users starting in the fall. Users of earlier devices, such as the iPhone 3G and first-generation iPhone, will be able to get the new OS this summer, but some features — such as multitasking — won’t work, due to limitations of the older hardware.

While those all look nice the meat of the update can be seen in the follow video walk through from a polish Apple news site.

Personally I am thrilled that these features are being implemented and with better security and functionality than current jailbreak methods. The Folders feature alone has me salivating. I think I speak for all of us (except 1st gen users) in saying Hallelujah.

One Reply to “OS 4 To Allow Multitasking, Folders, And More For Some”

  1. Michael


    Mark me down for getting a next generation iPhone to take advantage of this new firmware! Abit of a shame that its excluding the first gen models, especially when jailbreakers have conceptually proved that its possible on those older models. On a commerical argument, I can see why Apple did it: give a compelling reason for 1st gen users to upgrade and continue putting money into their coffers.

    I’m also slightly suspicious that this has come at a time when Apple’s getting surrounded by so many competitors: Android, Pre, and WinMob7, and they have all of these functions. Having said that, I’m damn impressed that Apple has finally relented and given us these most-requested features. About time!!!!