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Play a trick on your friends who have the iPad

It’s so cheerily to play a practical joke on somebody, everybody likes pranks. The wallpapers for the iPad published here will help you to enjoy yourself and make your victim to become nervous. So, all you need to do is to choose the one that will be the most acceptable for the iPad owner.

There is no horrible Spinning Beachball of Death in Apple’s mobile OS. But don’t tell anybody ;)

The joke about the giant iPod never gets old. In addition, immense icons look better than the iPad’s uncomfortable and reduced icon layout.

A bloody hand is trying to escape through the iPad’s screen…

Is the BSoD joke still funny? Probably not. But nevertheless we decided to publish such picture for the generation to which it is painfully familiar. And besides, we like the classic Windows 9x blue screen as it’s like seeing an old friend who used to be fun until he’d randomly punched us in the face :)

So, we published here two BSoD pictures – this one is based on the more up-to-date Windows XP, Vista and 7 rendition.

It will take no more than 3 seconds to buy this shattered screen trick for everyone, but for those being played a joke on these 3 seconds will be like an eternity.

I wish the iPad supported live wallpapers such as Android 2.1, this TV snow background would be truly amazing.

My iPad has Hulu, Flash and Camera and….VERIZON??? And multitasking??? Don’t be too hopeful, of course, this is just a joke :)