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Apple strongly recommends everyone to change orientation

All Mac owners know that Apple is specific company however the Cupertino team doesn’t stop amazing us. This time one of the companies-developers was refused publication of game update for the iPad in App Store because:

“Applications must adhere to the iPad Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) as outlined in the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement section 3.3.5.”

Notably, HIG state that an iPad application should be able to run in all orientations. Apple admits only two variants of orientation support but strongly recommends all four orientations support as “this provides the best user experience.”

In general, there is the following situation: Apple allowed applications not complying with these rules to be posted in the App Store but the same applications updates or new apps won’t be posted in the App Store without all orientations support. It is unlikely that developers will entirely draw again the whole graphics especially of complicated games; probably we will see painfully familiar blackstripes on top and at the bottom that will add neither pleasure nor “the best user experience.”

Of course, had Apple initially set up such claims, there would have been only several hundreds of apps in the App Store instead of 1,300 at the iPad launching. But they earned money and then began being malicious. Everyone, except the Cupertino company, understands that all orientations support is acceptable and actual not for all applications, especially for games but as the saying goes “A man is the king in his house.” So, we strongly recommend developers to arm themselves with patience and abundance of designers.