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One million to each developer!

So, the developers who want to make one million dollars out of iPad launch have to submit their applications to the Cupertino company. They were informed about this by E-mail; Apple writes that as the iPad deliveries are just on the point the developers even today can take part in so outstanding event as “iPad App Store” opening.

Apple demands are as follows:

• all submitted apps must be built and tested using iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 5, the latest version of the beta SDK;

• iPad apps must be submitted by 5 p.m. March 27.

If everything is correct the team of specialists will consider all sent programs and inform about their suitability by E-mail.
The developers whose apps will be amongst the first approved have real chance to earn a good deal of money as on April 3 American people will not only get so long-expected iPad, they will be able to load various soft on the device from “iPad App Store”. I am doubtless that purchasers will take advantage of the opportunity. So, we wish earliest developers to gain at least a million!