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Apple vs. Adobe or why doesn’t iPad have Flash?

We are going to illuminate or try to sort out the question which worries lots of admirers of Cupertino Team works: why did they deprive iPad of Flash? After all, the main function of tablet is internet surfing and Flash Technology is used on many sites; advertising banners, animation and menu are based just on it. So what is the trouble?

Some people see in this situation the war between Apple and Adobe, especially as at the last meeting with representatives of “The Wall Street Journal” devoted to discussing of iPad, Steve Jobs struck Adobe Flash multimedia technology. He tried to explain to the journalists that it devours processor resources and is full of “holes” in security subsystem which can’t be repaired. He also called Flash an outdated technology and reported that Apple is not going to expend energy on irrelevant products, they have already given up on floppy drives, old data ports (e. g. FireWire 400) and even CDs (having replaced them with iPod and iTunes).

In my opinion this is reasonable solution as it is easier to exclude flash at all, otherwise in case of its support all processor and energy resources will be used up very quickly and offline work time will be reduced from 10 to 1.5 hours. Mr. Jobs abandoned flash to the alternative solutions i. e. HTML5 and video codec H.264 which enable embedding of any multimedia content.

One more crucial point is that most of OS crashes occur because of errors in flash player and Adobe doesn’t hurry to fix it, this is confirmed with the information from bug reports – messages which are automatically sent with OS in case of critical error. Whereas Jobs considers such approach disastrous because you know that users primarily abuse gadget maker in case of deadlock often in ignorance of the real reason of the trouble.

The head of Apple doubts that we will live to see flash player stable and without vulnerabilities as it doesn’t happen for many years that is why Flash won’t be supported by Apple devices as far as possible. Besides it’s time to move about to the solutions and products development of which does not comply with monopolists dictating their conditions to the market.