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Adobe Will No longer Make Flash Players For Mobiles Thanks To Apple

Adobe the famous company which is famous for making mostly all the plugins which are used to play videos on the mobile web has said via a Blog that from now it is not going to make flash players for the mobile devices. Danny Winokur , the vice-president and the General manager of the company has said that due to some new inventions flash player is hardly required for the mobile devices now. (more…)...read more

Adobe Photoshop Touch For iPad Hits The App Store

Finally! the iPad version most popular photo editing software from adobe, Adobe Photoshop Touch apps hits to the Apple App store. These includes the well known application from Adobe such as Adobe Eazel, Color Lava and Adobe Nav. (more…)...read more

Rumor: SkyFire, Web Browser To View Flash Content On iPhone Next Week

According to rumors, the developers behind SkyFire, the popular mobile browser which supports Flash technology, which allows playback of Flash content in web pages, could be landed on the iPhone next few weeks. (more…)...read more

How to: Install Flash on your iPad [Jailbreak Required]

Remember Frash, this Flash app by Comex. It's here now, Engadget has just announced and reported on it's site the instructions to Install Adobe Flash on iPad as seen in the video before, so just hit the jump for the instructions.. (more…)...read more

Adobe found a loophole to iPad

Adobe found a loophole for penetration into Apple tablet computer. The fact of the matter is that despite a flat Flash technology ban on iPad, there appears more and more legal ways to bypass this taboo. One of these ways is officially supported by Adobe. (more…)...read more

Greystripe and Adobe are working together to Deliver Flash Ads as HTML5

Greystripe and Adobe are working together to bring ads to iDevices all around, with technology that might one day enable the real reasons we want Flash as well. They are developing an interesting solution to transcode Flash to HTML5 on the fly for iOS, Android and “mobile web”. Press Release after the Jump... (more…)...read more

National Public Radio and The Wall Street Journal kill Flash

In addition to new AppStore software, NPR and The Wall Street Journal plan to develop the versions of their web sites specially for iPad users, the main feature of these versions will be a total absence of Adobe Flash technology. (more…)...read more

iPad is on the gase of sociologists

So, iPad has already become the topic for opinion surveys. And they are devoted generally to study of the device popularity. The most interesting to our mind are as follows. (more…)...read more

Apple vs. Adobe or why doesn’t iPad have Flash?

We are going to illuminate or try to sort out the question which worries lots of admirers of Cupertino Team works: why did they deprive iPad of Flash? After all, the main function of tablet is internet surfing and Flash Technology is used on many sites; advertising banners, animation and menu are based just on it. So what is the trouble? (more…)...read more