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iPad is on the gase of sociologists

So, iPad has already become the topic for opinion surveys. And they are devoted generally to study of the device popularity. The most interesting to our mind are as follows.

For example, January research of AdMob Company devoted to use of applications at different mobile platforms in USA informs that one in six iPhone owners is going to buy Apple tablet. According to this research 11% of smartphone with webOS owners want to purchase iPad and only 6% of telephone based on Android owners is going to buy iPad. Other data of the research inform that “Android” and “iPhone” users download approximately the same quantity of applications monthly and pass almost the same amount of time using these apps. But upon that Apple smartphone users more often purchase paid programs and almost half of them pay for program for mobile phone at least once a month. For “Android” users this portion is about 21% and for “webOS” users it is 24%. AdMob believes that iPad will become popular exactly due to various applications.

Another investigation has been made by Retrevo Company from 27th January to 3rd February; it has shown that despite great promotional event people little by little disengage from Apple iPad. The survey of 1000 men has shown that:

52% – have heard about iPad but they are not going to buy it;
18% – haven’t even heard about new product from Apple;
21% – hesitate and are waiting for new information;
9% – have already decided to purchase iPad.

“We can’t assert whether will iPad be successful or not so far but judging by our data its future is not clear”, say Retrevo researchers, as according to sociologists customers for the present even don’t understand how to use this new gadget and what should they pay their money for.

Yandex has also presented its statistics because device popularity can be judged on frequency of its name mentioning in news, blogs and search requests. So, according to the data from YandexNews, during the first three days after the product presentation there were written 482 messages about it (0.43% of all news for this period). iPhone has also gotten its portion of PR from iPad presentation as except traditionally a great deal of items directly about communicator, it is mentioned in more than a half of all items about iPad, e.g. tablet has been called “big iPhone” in 118 messages, “over-iPhone” – in 9. As the result, there appeared even little more messages with reference to iPhone (approximately 5%) than news about iPad itself. Bloggers has hung on the gadget like grim death, according to search data during the first three days after the presentation it has been mentioned in more than in 17600 logs of Yandex blogs that is 1.93% of all posts. The following topics have been generally discussed: cost price of iPad, Steve Jobs vs. Google and Adobe, Acer’s statement that they won’t develop the similar device though they can do this. One more interesting fact is that these topics are not the most covered in mass media, they contain only 9 to 12 messages.

Among word combinations with the word ‘iPad’ which has been most often searched by users “iPad cost”, “to buy iPad”, “presentation of iPad” are in the lead. Pursuant to this we can judge on popularity and radiant future of Apple tablet.