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Adobe Photoshop Touch For iPad Hits The App Store

Finally! the iPad version most popular photo editing software from adobe, Adobe Photoshop Touch apps hits to the Apple App store. These includes the well known application from Adobe such as Adobe Eazel, Color Lava and Adobe Nav.

 These application makes easy editing the photo right from iPad with you finger magics. Currently the apps are only available for iPad but they promise to release them for other devices.

Touch, mobility, and Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 software—how’s that for a creative combination? Adobe and the developer community can now create apps that communicate with Photoshop CS5 via a range of devices and platforms. Explore new Adobe Photoshop Touch apps for iPad, the first to tap into this new connectivity.

Adobe Eazel for Photoshop will create a  realistic paintings with your finger touch, which then can be further edited from PC using Adobe Creative Suite 5. For this you need to installed iPad-Desktop connection which can sync your created painting to Adobe’s CS5 desktop version.

Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop will create beautiful color mixes of your own choice, swatches, dabs etc which can later added to Adobe CS5. These mixes can then be used when editing pictures, creating logos and artwork or for something else entirely.

Adobe Nav for Photoshop will brings very easy navigation panel whic can be used to add tools, documents and everything else that you would normally use right at your fingertips. Easy arrangement of everything that you’d need to edit photos or create artwork.

All of the above Photoshop apps for iPad can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. They are compatible with Apple iPad only and require iOS 4.3 and above to function.

Download Adobe Eazel for iPad – $4.99
Download Adobe Color Lava for iPad – $2.99
Download Adobe Nav for iPad – $1.99