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Schedule Update and Scan with MalwareBytes Free Edition

Schedule Update and Scan with Malwarebytes Free Edition

Use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule automatic update and scan. Place SMBAM in your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware folder or anywhere else you wish to store it.

Start Windows Task Scheduler and schedule for whenever works best for you and set action as “start a program” and set SMBAM as the target.
If you don’t know how to schedule a task in Windows see this tutorial

How SMBAM will work:

1) Will start update of Malwarebytes.

2) After 4 minutes will close the update confirmation box.

3) Will start a quick scan with Malwarebytes.

4) App will exit.

Note that after Malwarebytes finishes scanning it will close unless malware was detected.

Credits to for this great app…

Download SMBAM Here!

5 Replies to “Schedule Update and Scan with MalwareBytes Free Edition”

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  2. netbox

    Its up to you 🙂 remove it or add it to ignore list..
    When you manually scan for viruses/malwares with your anti-virus or anti-malware it gives you an option to remove it completely or add it to ignore lists…
    but it usually recommend that you will remove detected infections…
    by the way, Im just a bit curious you asked this question? do you have an anti-virus installed in your system? because mostly, those kind of apps do this set of task (remove, clean, delete or ignore the detected viruses/malwares)..

  3. chad

    what does it do if it finds malware? remove it? just sit there?

  4. netbox

    thanks a lot 😀
    might as well subscribe to mailing list or RSS feeds to be updated on our latests posts.
    take care..

  5. Bruce Ang

    Found your site on yahoo today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later …