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Easy Way to Protect & Prevent Problems in your PC

Most of us surf the internet and download stuff that w/ didnt knew that we are already been infected with Spywares/Adwares/Viruses and other treats to our PC. The easiest way to protect and prevent such problems occurs in your PC and get in your daily task everday. This is the easiest way i know of as of posting date 🙂

First, you need to have a good anti-virus installed in your system

this are the list ( based on what i have already tried ).

Second, Install Spyware, Malware and Adware in your system.

there are lots of them also, but I only tried:

Third, Install some System Cleaner/Registry Fix in your PC.

Fourth, Install a Good Firewall Protection. If you are only using Windows Defender, its okay for home users that mostly do tasks offline.

but if your mostly online, then I suggest:

  • COMODO Firewall (Its Free and light)
  • and theres more to choose (just do a google search 🙂 )

and Fifth, Do a Clean Backup of your Files/Documents to other devices like;

  • USB Device
  • External HD
  • DVD/CD

Now, if you have installed some of those, i would not recommend to install all of them, I mean 2 anti-virus installed is not recommended since it brings your system down, ( they eat all your system resources, thats what i call it.)

If all installed and running smooth, be sure to update it daily. Thousands of Viruses and Malwares comes out every hour.. (In my own opinion, Software engineers made it so that comsumer/user will buy their product to protect home/company’s system). Am i Right? 🙂

This is the best part.

Before Shutting Down/Turning OFF/Rebooting your system, be sure to Scan for Viruses & Spywares, because mostly harmful attacks happen when you started up/Booting your system, thats the frustating problem if you cant boot your system. Lots of tools and work to do to recover or repair your system to normal state. Yeah i know its easy to reinstall OS and programs you mostly used, but its time consuming to reinstall all things, set system settings, program settings and stuff. so be sure to do this things before going to sleep 🙂

  1. Scan your System for Spywares
  2. Do a System/Registry Scan
  3. Run a quick Virus Scan

So, the next time you turn on your PC you wont get any problem and continue your daily task.

This is my easy way to protect your PC. Hope this helps and gives you some tips..

Id like to hear it from you; Pls post your Suggestions/Comments.