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World Cup Ping Pong

Ping pong is one of those things that you think is easy when you play with some friends, but then you see the professionals and, well, it’s intense to say the least. This new game from Skyworks won’t get you all hot and sweaty, but it will definitely get you pumped.

This game comes with four playing modes: tournament, arcade, head to head, and practice. In tournament mode, you play as one of eight countries- U.S.A., Finland, Sweden, U.K., Canada, China, Germany, and Russia. Why there aren’t more I don’t know, so some of you may feel left out. Once you’ve picked your country, you work your way to the top of the leader boards to become the world champion. Each round is played to eleven points but you must win by two. So if both players reach eleven at the same time, you must keep going until someone is up by two.

Arcade mode is played against a wall. Every time you hit the ball against the wall you score a point. As the game progresses, various sized rings appear on the wall that score you more points when hit, with the smaller rings garnering more. You only have three lives in this mode. Both tournament and arcade modes show your last ten high scores and also allow you to submit your scores to the world leader board.

Head to head mode allows you to play against a friend on the same device, with no wireless multiplayer. Practice mode allows you to go an infinite amount of rounds with a plethora of A.I. levels.

The controls are simple, just touch your ping pong paddle and drag it around the screen to hit the ball. This makes it very easy to pick up and play. You can also add a curve to your ball with a little more practice.

picture-212The 3D graphics are stunning for such a simple game. They’re very crisp and beautifully rendered with shadows on both the ball and paddles. It really makes this game feel more professional. The physics on this game are spot on as well.

The soundtrack to this game is a kind of techno-funk. You have two tracks to choose from, each adding its own mood to the game. The sound effects are also very good. I’ve been around ping pong for a while and can tell when a game uses cheesy sound, but I can say that World Cup Ping Pong sounds exactly like the real thing. It’s a nice breathe of fresh air in a world over run by cheap games.

World Cup Ping Pong has the perfect blend of great game play, physics and amazing visuals. At $1.99, it’s sure to be a game to keep on your iDevice for a long while!

The Good

Great graphics
Physics are perfect
Music and sound effects are good
Local and world high scores

The Bad

No online game support


19 Replies to “World Cup Ping Pong”

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  2. Seishu

    Woohoo! Thanks a bunch Glenn!

  3. geriyo

    i love ping pong in real life so this looks pretty cool

  4. tims8

    This will definitely be a change from the swinging arms and powerups I’m used to from Mario vs. Sonic table tennis. But I’m pleasantly surprised, it looks like they put a lot of effort onto having it play smoothly and with pretty good graphics.

  5. B master

    Sounds really good and with infinite replayability this is seems worth the price!

  6. Chumbake

    Too bad theirs no online game support. But this looks good. I’ve been looking into getting a ping pong game, but couldn’t decide which to get. Perfect timing for me on this review. I’m definitely leaning toward this one now.

  7. Lux Ambassador

    I….LOVE….rt ping pong. Not sure that an iPhone game can recreate the experience but I’d give it a volley. I’d love to see the developer implement wifi multiplayer in an update, though – I think that would make for a better multiplayer experience.

  8. themendoz

    I’ve been looking for the best table tennis game and this is definitely up there. The 3D graphics look great and the different modes make it even better. Although there is no online support a quick update could surely fix that and make it the best TT game out there.

  9. mede

    i rly like tennis/ping pong games on the itouch, and this one looks amazing, probably the best ive seen. great physics, great gameplay

  10. greenhornet9

    this looks great. I love ping pong.

  11. B master

    Greenhornet9 check your pms.

  12. hidiho

    I really like the simple gameplay…maybe I’ll check this game out.

  13. Seishu

    This is looks really fun actually. I’m always up for a game for a game of ping pong.

  14. palmer11000

    the graphics are amazing!

  15. snoboardnfreek07

    love ping pong but i dont know if this would keep my interest

  16. stefanos

    i love skyworks but this is odd for them..

  17. Metroid48

    I’ve seen this one talked about a lot and it looks great, but does it last long?

  18. bman

    Wow, this seems rely well done.

  19. Charlie

    thats defenetly a great geame !

    love every ping pong game