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Equilibrio Review

Equilibrio is being labeled as a 3D platform game built exclusively from the ground up for the gamer who likes to be challenged. So does the game live up to the claims?

picture-25Equilibrios concept is simple. Control a ball through varying levels utilizing quick reflexes and collecting stars for points while defying the laws of gravity to reach the level exits.

The Game has 5 different types of balls. Each with different properties and characteristic’s such as paper, rubber, glass, stone and paper. 60 increasing difficultly levels with more promised in future updates. 3 different play modes, 23 unlock-able trophies and awards, an auto adjusting difficulty level and a Hall of Fame.

The game is controlled by tilting your device right or left. There are also objects that can be used to teleport, bounce, and alter the path of the ball, but be careful to avoid the spikes, pitfalls, and acid pools which can kill your ball.

Conquest mode serves as the tutorial as well as the classic gameplay mode. With no objectives and an unlimited of lives to complete the levels. Gamers will want to spend a lot of time here learning the different level nuance’s.

In Challenge mode you are presented with a set of random maps and varying completion objectives. Some of these will require a specific number of points, lives, or time to be met in order to progress.

Random Mode shouldn’t even exist honestly. It picks one level to play, and than boots you back to the menu. I see no added value to this mode except to state there are 3 different modes of gameplay.

As I mentioned before the earlier levels are easy. As you progress further through the levels the game really ramps up the difficulty level. Balls that would roll smoothly across the map are now lightning quick and impossible to control in some cases. Luckily the developers have included a level demo for each map that will automatically play if you wait to press the screen.

These demos will show you the layout of the maps before you begin. I highly recommend you watch these for the longer levels or you will find yourself failing quite often.

The puzzle aspect of the game is done very well. For example one map has you navigating a huge set of wooden blocks filled with spikes and acid pitts in order to reach a cannon which will fire you into a wall of spikes. You have to consistently move your iPhone to make the bounce to the upper ledge to exit the level.

picture-31The game clearly lives up to the challenge part of the description, as I have to admit that I have not completed this game do to the sheer frustration of some of the maps. In fact I have created a new rule for myself that anytime you need to repeat a single level more than 25 times I need to stop playing that game. My mental capacity has been met and I would likely hurt myself should I try and continue.

Graphically the game is a mixed bag. While I love the colorful and cartoon look to the backgrounds, animations, and environments the balls are a big disappointment to me. Some of the balls look like they are just floating with no real movement feel to them. It’s not a deal breaker but it’s a shame as it really distracts from the overall graphic fluidity of the game.

The audio portion of Equilibrio is great. The sound effects and level music blend together nicely.

Overall I would have to say Equilibrio does offer an extremely challenging game with great eye candy. However the game currently lacks the overall polish and feel to make it a must have AAA game. Fixing the ball designs would go a long way to helping

However anyone looking for a challenging and visually attractive game should definitely give Equilibrio a shot.

The Good

Nicely laid out and challenging levels
Visually pleasing
Auto adjusting difficulty levels

The Bad

Some Floaty and non animated balls
Not noobie freindly by design
No online Hall of Fame


24 Replies to “Equilibrio Review”

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  2. DHrox

    This seems a little odd, but kick@$$ nonetheless.

  3. mdillard9

    This seems like it could be fun, but it might get really frustrating.

  4. irene1975y

    This looks like another labyrinth game that will make me tilt my ipod touch crazy again.

  5. mede

    this looks like a very fun and challenging platform game

    id love to try it

  6. jacksonitup

    very unique looking puzzle game. It seems very interesting.

  7. palmer11000

    this is one of the more original and interesting type of puzzle games

  8. SuperPaperSam

    Looks fun but I dont like how it says Equilibrio in huge letters in the right corner.

  9. crapz1967

    I really like this genre and this looks pretty cool!

    And with all of the levels and modes it hopefully won’t get boring so fast…

  10. snoboardnfreek07

    i purchased it and it is great

  11. Fletch

    looks nice, and with 64 levels and 3 game modes, sounds like its worth the money

  12. MazdaMan

    I reallly love physics-related games. I can’t get enough of them.

  13. VoodooVyper

    This game reminds me much of N+ except with a ball. Looks really interesting, nice review.

  14. stefanos

    if its like rolly it will be great!

  15. kdhomick

    I’ve had my eye on this game for some time. Looks interesting enough to give it a go.

  16. watever486

    Cool! I like physics-based platformers, and I’m up for the challenge.

  17. themendoz

    Well, I’m certainly up for a challenge. For some reason, this reminds me of gravball and a lot of people enjoyed that one. I think it has lotsbof potential, especially if the developers continue to tweak it.

  18. Big Albie

    The game looks good, but the ball may not follow the law of physics. I temper by saying that this is a video game. In any case, Equilibrio looks like it offers challenging gameplay.

  19. fleabag323

    This looks so cool! A physics platformer!

  20. Clymos

    I actually thinks this looks interesting I have been following the hype on this game for a while before it’s release. I did not know that about random mode that is pretty cheap.

  21. hidiho

    Yeah, along with roostersully, I’m getting a bit tired of these ball bouncing games.

  22. Chumbake

    That looks pretty sweet. 64 levels sounds like a lot. And five play modes? The review only says 3. Maybe 2 of those are for the wii?

    It’s a bummer about the ball not looking good. From the video the game looks great.

  23. Glenn

    Yes the trailer covers the iPhone version and Wii editions. 3 Modes (really 2) for iPhone

  24. roostersully

    Another ball bouncing game