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Pocket God Review

If you were a GOD what kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. picture-71

Pocket God may be one of the most amusing apps I’ve ever with to date. In Pocket God, you use your god-like powers in many ways to interact with the pygmies of the island. You play the role of finger, and you can inflict pain on (or be nice to) the pygmies in many ways.

The simplest of these ways is to simply tap and pick up the pygmies. You can then throw them into the ocean, or drop them down to the island from the clouds. The next way is to flick the pygmies. If done right, you can even flick them into the volcano in the background. Once three pygmies have been flicked into the volcano, it will erupt and spew lava all over the island, which in turn will light the remaining pygmies on fire. You can also tilt your iDevice to affect gravity, and shake your iDevice to create an earthquake.

In the recent update, you can also create lightning. The first thing you need to do is drag the clouds so that dark gray clouds are overhead. Then just draw a line from the cloud to a pygmy, and lightening will ensue.

picture-62Both the graphics and sound effects in Pocket God are top notch. The pygmies will make a number of comical sounds as they are sent to their watery (or fiery) deaths. These sounds range from ‘whoop’ sounds as they are tossed into the ocean- as well as other noises hard to demonstrate with words. The effects are of high quality, and there are no slowdowns in the frame rate. The amount of polish on the game is very high, and was surprising for what at first seemed like an app that would be very rough around the edges.

While I wouldn’t call Pocket God a game per se, it is rather entertaining and will continue to keep me coming back to it for a long time. The 1.05 updates has already been submitted and will allow users to use coconuts as food (or as a weapon of mass destruction)

Overall, Pocket God is an extremely amusing application. Fans of the flash game ‘interactive buddy’ or fans of watching burning pygmies jump into the ocean should definitely give Pocket God a look. It is a rather simple app, but does what it does fantastically. What’s more, the developer has promised weekly updates for at least a few weeks- and at the very least an update every two weeks. This app comes highly recommended, as it can only get better with updates. The game definitely can justify its small asking price of only 99 cents.


34 Replies to “Pocket God Review”

  1. Brandon

    Now its on it ’s 28 update and there are islands or 4if ypu count underwater. There’s vampires ghosts zombies dodo birds sharks piranahas ants that eat you alive spiders dinosuars and minigames.

  2. B master

    Another new update! This one has a stone you can use to squish the pigmies with, and according to it’s name( just give 5 minutes) there’s a secret you can unlock by,*gasp* waiting 5 minutes without doing anything I did it and upon request I’ll post what happens. So does anyone want to know who don’t have the game or the patience?

  3. eddyman

    they added a shark now plus coconuts

  4. vinakro

    Right now, I think the app really still is in it’s “potential” stage. They have a lot of features they want to add, which will eventually make the app great, I’m sure. But, as my own opinion, right now, there really isn’t much to the app.

  5. Charlie

    the developers are great .. i asked them to make it compatyble with version 2.2 and they did !!! they are so great!!

    guys you should all buy this app!

  6. B master

    Really? Man, I had to upgrade and it took ’bout 1 and a half hours!

  7. Big Albie

    The devs put out a new update last night that includes the ability to change night into day, a sunset (you’ll love the expressions on the pygmies faces), and coconuts (you’ll figure out how to crack them open). The devs have been really good about adding updates every 7-10 days so you can expect more features. It’s a fun app with a load of potential.

  8. cooldudeshake


  9. Glenn

    Congrats to cooldudeshake the winner of the free APP!

  10. Matthew

    and the best is that the developer say that they want to update this game nearly every week with cool new features

    really cool game

    just for those times waiting for a bus or something like that

  11. drewdude63

    This games is perfect for those who enjoy seeing little tribe members in pain. (I know I do.)

  12. wiredmind

    I think naming the pygmies and assigning the voices of the persons whom you hate will be cool because you can hear their voices before u “torture” them virtually.

    It will be like touch a pygmie and a dialog box will pop out with name: and voice:

    and you can browse the sound file of the person whom you hate.

  13. Bessamy

    A great update would be to let the users name them and then toss em. LOL. Sorry, having an Ally McBeal moment.

  14. bow

    If I was a god, then I would screw with people all day also

  15. cooldudeshake

    This looks like a fun game tossing the islanders around that’s fun… Wind effect is missing. Sweet!

  16. Chumbake

    I absolutely love this “game”. I could see how some would find it boring, but the updates each week make it so good. I’m always looking forward to the new way I can torture the pygmies. The future updates look great too.

  17. inogard

    Haha, this look like a lot of fun!

    I would totally spend hours just launching them into the volcano!

  18. jacksonitup

    at first, i thought this app looked bad. But this review has changed my mind. Looks pretty good now.

  19. jmh11

    I LOVE INTERACTIVE BUDDY!!! *leaves to buy*

  20. hidiho

    Yeah, after reading the app store description it seemed like it was sort of a demo, but after reading your review, it looks quite interesting. At least the developer is putting a lot of effort into the game.

  21. gocubs

    this looks really good, especially with all the updates.

  22. walruscp

    I’ve always had a god complex – this could be a constructive outlet for my megalomania.

    I like that it is consistently being updated, and it is a nice departure from a pure Sims-like game.

  23. Master Shake

    The weird thing is I’ve been thinking about getting this with all the updates being made to it.

  24. coldfusion

    i love little things like this where u play as a god-like figure. Looks like a really fun app.

  25. watever486

    This acutally sounds like a pretty fun stress reliever…

  26. Glenn

    Yeah if you could name them something like your Boss or ex-girlfriends names and toss them into the fires of hell!!

  27. Bessamy

    Sweet! I could use a good stress reliever! The pygmies are soooo cute! What an awesome little app!

  28. Chumbake

    So true about being a stress reliever. My wife now asks me when I get home from work if I need to kill some pygmies to feel better.

  29. Bessamy

    LOL! Too funny!

  30. B master

    I saw this one at the app store last week and honestly I thought it sounded stupid. After seeing your review though you have convinced me otherwise. The “game” actually sounds really fun now

  31. jonesin

    the constant dev updates make this game way more appealing. It already looks good but with a promise to get better, it really makes it seem better.

  32. Rocketman919

    I love how the dev is so frequently updating the game.

  33. greenhornet9

    this game looks really cool. And with the weekly updates, it will get even better. I bet this is a great game.

  34. Functional Disorder

    That’s a totally different style “game”.

    I may just have to pick this one up. Very interesting…