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Stitchem Words

The app Store is literally overflowing with puzzle game, and for every good puzzler there seems to be 15 bad ones. How do you separate yourself from the pack? Well the developer of Stichem Words might have just found the answer.

stitchem1The objective of Stichem Words is to make words out of a set of picture icons. Icons represent the exact words and not homophones (a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning).

Points are awarded for for each successful combination of words constructed out of letters and pictures. For example one the first level you will see a picture of a man, and a milk crate. Putting these two icons together will create the word Milk Man. You than press the stitch it button to complete one pair of words.

Additional points are awarded for making quick words, finding hidden words, creating long words, or avoiding having to use hints.

Displayed on your screen are the placeholders for the words, and if you pay attention you will notice that square blocks represent pictures while circles represent actual letters. Knowing this will help you figure out what combination of icons are needed in later levels!

If you find yourself stuck you can use up to three hints per level. You also have the ability to shuffle the pictures and words around on the screen which can sometimes help to jog your memory, and lead to a few more completions.

You are not required to complete each and every word on the level, though you will have to score enough points on each level to open the end level option.

As you progress you will get more letters, and Icons on the screen and you will have to use the arrows on the screen to move back and forth between the sets of icons.

stitchem2Located on the right side of the screen is a Score meter which fills up and drains based upon the number of hints and completed puzzles per level.

One nice feature is the ability for more than one person to play the game with up to five save slots. There isn’t much replay ability in the game after you have completed some levels as the words never seem to mix it up. There are a set of words for each level and once you figure those out your not left guessing much. The icons, and letters are the same each time you play the game. I would like to see some additional words put in so if I start the game again there is some variation on the words.

There is a nice little music theme playing throughout each level, however it gets quite annoying after 2/3 levels. Might be nice to mix in a few tracks for these games that require more than a few minutes on each level. Or simply loop into a music less segment for 45 seconds before starting again.

Overall Stitchem Words is a unique twist in a ever growing puzzle market, and fans of these types of games would do well to give this game a play through. I is very challenging the first time through, and if the developer can add additional words, and mix the levels up some with a future patch to add to the replayability factor. This could be one of the better puzzle games on the market. At $.99 this is a great bargain for this game.

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15 Replies to “Stitchem Words”

  1. Glenn

    Congrats to B master the winner of this app!

  2. Mr_Sinisterr

    I LOVE PUZZLES!! they’re a great way to keep ur brain active. this one looks like a keeper

  3. akame

    the words challenge is exciting. I can go on and on about solving word puzzles.


    it is a pity this game don’t support jailbroken iphones.

  4. B master

    Uh they don’t support it ’cause it’s illegal!

  5. gocubs

    Jailbreaking is legal.

  6. Master Shake

    Looks good especially for a word game.

  7. B master

    uh… nevermind the sale is over the current price is 2.99$ So might as well wait and see who wins the contest!

  8. B master

    I meant at the current price of 2.99$

  9. B master

    It’s only 0.99$ for today! So if you don’t win the contest the games actually 2.99$ So Glenn I was wondering when the contest will end? Thanks bye!

  10. hidiho

    looks like fun…i never thought I would like those type of games until I got Textropolis and got hooked.

  11. Nato94

    this looks like fun im not too much into word games but seems pretty cool

  12. gocubs

    Looks like a good word/puzzle game. Not really my kind of game, but seems like a fun game.

  13. Matthew

    hmm its really hard to criticise the appps you review glenn cause they are all well made

    just like this one

    again a puzzlegame^^

    like it

  14. NedH

    I love word games and I bet this one is really good.

  15. B master

    Sounds good, I agree repeating music can get very annoying. I hope I win the contest, but good luck to everyone else too!