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Chuck The Ball Review

If you are in the mood for a unique puzzler, Chuck the Ball may be of interest to you. In Chuck the Ball, you move Chuck by placing arrows on the playing field. Upon hitting one of the arrows, Chuck will move in the direction of the arrow. You need to collect all of the stars in the allotted time to move on to the next of the 100 levels. These levels come in easy, medium, and hard, as well as a free play mode which doesn’t have a time limit.

picture-39Chuck the Ball will move automatically, however the arrows do not place themselves! To place an arrow, start with your finger on the square you’d like the arrow to be on. Then, just swipe your finger in the direction you’d like the arrow to be facing.

One of the fun parts about Chuck the Ball is planning ahead. You try to place the arrows as far ahead of Chuck as possible so that he will not run into spikes and die, which will cause you to start over again. In this manner, you can basically plan out a strategy for Chuck to get all the stars, which is rather fun.

In Chuck the Ball, there is an in-game level editor in addition to the one hundred levels that come with the game, which is a welcomed addition picture-39to any puzzle game. However, there is currently no way to share your levels, which is half the fun. But fear not, as the developer, who is very active on the TouchArcade forums, will be releasing updates with user created levels.

The graphics in Chuck the Ball are very nice, and fit the feel of the game nicely. The sounds effects and music fit the graphics and feel of the game nicely as well.

Overall, Chuck the Ball is a very fun puzzle game with a lot of polish. The large amount of content, coupled with a level editor and user created levels in future updates makes this game very fun and addictive. This app is a great addition to any puzzler’s collection, and comes highly recommended. If you are unsure about the game, then please try the lite version. It gives you a good taste of the full game.


20 Replies to “Chuck The Ball Review”

  1. Glenn

    Congrats to Matthew and Realmgm the winner’s of the free APP!

  2. Matthew

    thanks thanks thanks glenn

    my first app that i won!

    btw the game is very good

  3. Nato94

    this looks really good.

  4. greenhornet9

    seems like a good puzzle game for a good price.

  5. gocubs

    cool game, got the lite version.

  6. realgm

    cool game, the level editor looks really good!!!

  7. fleabag323

    looks cool.

  8. appreviews8

    This is a truly great game. I got it a while back and it is worth the money. The devs did a great job. Good review too!

  9. xpiredcoupon

    i checked out this game the other day and it looks fantastic. not a platform type game as i originally thought but more of a strategic game and makes you really think the levels through.

    definitely clutch that it has a lot of levels

  10. coldfusion

    the lite version was pretty fun. I like puzzles and this looks good.

  11. Charlie

    looks really cool .. yea i also will downlowd the lite version

  12. SilentRider

    Looks like a fun game. I may have to download the Lite version to see if I’m going to like it.

    Thanks for the review!

  13. Master Shake

    I tried the lite version but wasn’t convinced enough to buy it. Not bad though.

  14. GhostRider

    I played the Lite version. It is a good fun game, but I can’t see myself buying it with all the other games coming out.

  15. B master

    btw Glenn or andy, you’ve got 3 new e-mails

  16. Matthew

    yeah just like bobby carrot

    i have bobby carrot and its fun


    hope i win

  17. Functional Disorder

    Totally looks like a unique kind of puzzle game…the best kind!

  18. B master

    Seems fun, nice adventure/puzzle game and it’s on sale for 1.99 right now.

  19. kill3rgam3r

    looks fun!

  20. hidiho

    The graphics look like Bobby Carrot