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Big Fun Racing Review

bigfun2Big Fun Racing is unlike any other racing game on the App Store today. Yes, yes, I know the question you are all asking is there enough room on my iDevice for yet another racer? The answer is a resounding maybe.

Big Fun Racing tries to differentiate itself from the plethora of other racing games by providing us with it’s cartoon visual styles, objective based collection system, and time based arcade racer.

In Big Fun Racing, it is your job to collect all of the coins around you in the time allotted. Some of these levels are very straight forward, while others require jumping ramps and other obstacles to complete the level in time.

There are three levels of diffuculty, as well as

Once you complete a certain amount of tracks, you will unlock new cars, each with it’s own stats (speed and handling.) Some cars may be fast, but hard to navigate through the twists and turns of certain levels. Others will be easily controllable but jog along at a slow pace. So it’s essential to pick the proper vehicle to give you the best chance to succeed on each level.

The controls while simplistic work very well. There is a gas button on the bottom right, a brake/reverse button on the bottom left, a pause button (the little x) and a restart button, which will place you back at the starting point in need of emergency. I do wish though that the buttons were a tiny bit bigger and the steering was more easily controlled.

The tracks in Big Fun Racing are very diverse. All together there are over 50, each playable on every difficulty level with downloadable tracks with a new track every couple of weeks from the developer. Some have you driving up walls vertically, while others are basically a speed run just to get to the coins. Very few are repetitive, so they should keep you entertained for quit some time.

bigfun1Graphically, this game does not have the best 3d graphics on the App Store, but they are good enough that you will enjoy the game without worrying how it looks. The tracks are pretty vanilla just consist of white walls with graffiti and possible a couple jumps or rectangles you have to get to. I hope in the future the developer implements some sort of scenery in a later update. The cars seem a tad blocky and bland. However I did enjoy the overall effect, it is as if you were driving around RC cars and building ramps to launch them off of.

Sound effects in this game are good, but the generic rock/pop tunes will get to you after a while. There is no option to play your own music, but thankfully you can play it by using the sleep button method.

The car physics work well for this type of game, but I did have a few problems with my cars flipping upside down (this is where that reset button comes into play.)

For the cheap price of this game, you will get your moneys worth. I enjoyed it and while it has its flaws, it is worth the price if your looking for some variation in your racing games.

-Simplistic controls.
-Different type of racing game than the others.

-Minor physics issues.
-Short amount of vehicles and levels


20 Replies to “Big Fun Racing Review”

  1. Glenn

    congrats to snoboardnfreek07 the winner of the app!

  2. Charlie

    wow video looks awsome .. sounds nice good review

  3. Mr. Charley

    Looks good.

    I agree with one of the other user comments on how nice it would be to share user created tracks…

  4. daren771

    3D physics control…wow. The type of toy cars should have some variety for instance can include lorry, mercedes, ferrari etc.

  5. Matthew

    many people say the controls arent that good

    probably they will be improved later….

    hope so because the concept of the game sounds good

  6. B master

    It’s not that the controls aren’t good just that their small. I went ahead and bought it ’cause it’s on sale for .99$ although it was suppose’d to end 2 days ago.

  7. snoboardnfreek07

    this game interests me because its different than any other racing game that i’ve seen. i’m going to have to think about this one..

  8. hidiho

    Looks pretty nice, however, a bit too short for my taste.

  9. Jett

    Thanks for the comments here everybody, this is my first review.

  10. B master

    How do you make a review? Or do you have to be chosen?

  11. daren771

    It will be great if users can share their created tracks among themselves.

    this game looks fun and I can race like a big kid.

  12. Functional Disorder

    Looks to be a lot of fun, and everyone likes stunts….don’t they?

    It is at least different than all the other type of racers out there!

  13. gocubs

    I’ve been looking at this one for a while. Looks pretty good.

  14. Mr_Sinisterr

    looks good, sucks its so short tho

  15. bow

    its cool how it has a “stunt” feel

    but can you make your own tracks??

  16. B master

    Good review, it seems most of the games on the iPhone suffer from small button syndrome.

  17. xpiredcoupon

    interesting spin on the racing concept by collecting coins instead of being confined to a track racing other cars

    i like it

  18. kill3rgam3r


    -Simple yet wonderful controls


    -Minor control and physics issues

    This is extremely contradictory. LOL

  19. Glenn

    LOL I will revise that some to explain it better..Good Catch..

  20. Jett

    sorry about that, i should have been more specific. I like the control layout, but the buttons are too small