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ExZeus Review

If you are in the market for an arcade-style flying and shooting game on rails than ExZeus is the perfect game for you.

In ExZeus, you guide your robot (which is reminiscent of the ‘Transformers’ movie) through five levels. ExZeus features three different robots to choose from- each with varying skill levels for their power, speed, weapon, and armor.

To move your robot, simply tilt your iDevice in the direction you would like him to move. To fire your primary gun (blue balls of energy?), just tap on the right side of the screen. Power-ups found within the levels can upgrade this gun to shoot either three or five balls of energy at the same time.

If you tap on the left side of the screen, you will automatically lock on to the enemies visible on the screen (You can lock on to multiple enemies simultaneously). You then need to tap the right side of the screen to fire the missile which had previously been locked on your targets.

After a while, your laser will charge, and can be activated by holding down your finger on the right side of the screen. If you choose to wait a little longer, your mega laser will charge, which can be activated in the same manner. This is very useful for boss battles, which I will talk about in a moment.

You can also drop bombs by swiping from the top right of the screen to the bottom left of the screen. This was not apparent at first, but after watching the tutorial (Which I should have done in the first place) I figured this out. You can also pause the game by swiping from the bottom left of the screen to the top right of the screen (Vice versa from dropping bombs). This was not apparent at first either.

At the end of a level you have the option to use your gold (which can be collected throughout the level) to buy upgrades. Among these upgrades are various weapon and shield upgrades.

However, before you reach the end of a level, you will have to complete one of the aforementioned boss battles. Because there are five total levels, there are five boss battles as well. These battles are extremely fun, and add a ton of variety (Each boss has its own unique attacks and weaknesses) and replay value to the game.

The most impressive part about ExZeus is in my opinion the fact that the developer was able to make the game-play so perfect. It is very challenging, but is not overly hard or frustrating. The other great part about the game-play is the fact that everything works together so well. The game manages to sport extremely well done and detailed graphics, while at the same time maintaining a silky smooth frame rate with no slowdowns whatsoever (Even with 10+ enemies on screen).

When you die in ExZeus, as well as lives, you have five continues, so just like it says in the app description, it’s like having an arcade machine in your pocket! As far as suggestions go, I have none. The only gripe I had with the original game was the lack of a save feature, but that was added in a recent update.

Overall, ExZeus is an extraordinarily well done and fun game. Its graphics, game-play, and frame rate are definitely enough to justify the purchase. Anyone remotely interested in the game’s concept should give take a look at ExZeus.

The Good
– Very fun
– Amazing graphics/great game-play
– Silky smooth frame-rate

The Bad
– I have yet to find any cons!


Developers Video

44 Replies to “ExZeus Review”

  1. Mr. Charley


    Thanks Glen!

    To Charlie. Uh….no.

  2. Charlie

    Congrats to Mr. Charlie

    pm me .. i will send you my itunes account id .. so you can donlowd ex zeus on my account get all my game for free from my account and i get ex zeus too

  3. Glenn

    Congrats to Mr. Charlie the winner of the app

  4. Javi

    Looks like a great game. This is what a Transformers game should look and play like.

  5. Matthew

    great game

    some kind of transformers

    saw some vids on youtube and the people say its great…..

    btw good review

  6. Charlie

    edit: you review is so great because you also have a video i searched on you tube for a gameplay video and found only one for the PS1 or Wii … this game looks really cool and the graphics in the video look better as on the screenshots in the app store i think

  7. hidiho

    Looks nice, although I’m not the biggest fan of “on-rail” shooters.

  8. Funnyguy

    looks fun sounds fun type of mech game

  9. schmidty

    i really like on-rails shooters. This game has really cool graphics. Nice Review.

  10. Big Albie

    Btw, you have to love the name of the robots: Sophia, Calista and Dynamis. Maybe in a future update, they’ll have one named Glenn.

  11. B master

    Oh that sounds like a real good robot name *hint hint*

  12. Big Albie

    ExZeus really is the epitome of what the iPhone/iPod Touch is capable of. I haven’t had a chance to pick this one up yet, but it’s definitely a strong possibility.

  13. NGamer9

    This game looks like it plays kind of like Star Fox 64 (which is one of my favorite games.) And whoa at the no cons. 6 bucks is pretty steep, but if it is long enough, it seems worth it. This game looks awesome… Anyone who has it know if it is like Star Fox 64? Cuz if so (and it looks like it) I totally need this game.

  14. watever486

    Whoah no cons! I was on the fence about this game because of conflicting reviews on other sites but now I might have to get it!

  15. Mr_Sinisterr

    an action packed shooter with no cons?! me want bad!!

  16. Tito

    WOW!!! I love these type of games! This is the kind of game that will keep me busy for days. i bet it’s worth every cent.

  17. olderthanjesus

    Certainly sounds like my type of game. I very much hope I can win it

  18. Super

    Btw, Glenn take into account im giving away the Perimetros code so that one dosen’t count..

    Pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me


    On topic,

    You said you can buy different weapons and shields, do these majorly effect the gameplay/monsters killed? Or do the controls change?

  19. Andy

    No, controls never change. The upgrades are just upgrades for what you can already do; not new weapons.

  20. Charlie

    this game is a really great shooter

    its amazing fun and the graphics also rock!

    i like th review and the video!

    jope i get it!!

  21. bow

    i love these kind of rail shooters

    and now they mixed it with transformers!

    its a perfect mix

  22. coldfusion

    this game looks pretty amazing! It has great graphics and i love shooters like this!

  23. gocubs

    Looks good and the reviews are good, but the price is a little high.

  24. greenhornet9

    looks like a really high quality game. Nice graphics, cool style, solid looking gameplay, and no cons! What more can you ask for?

  25. Super

    Anyone seen the youtube vids on this??

    There were tons about it before it came out and i never believed but now its out and wow…

  26. fleabag323

    This game looks awesome! The graphics are amazing and it looks so good! Go ExZeus!

  27. The Game Reaper

    This looks pretty good…

  28. Bessamy

    Thanks for the informative review Andy! This game looks to be one on the must have list! I just love the graphics!

  29. Mr. Charley

    Wow, no cons? This I have to see for myself!

  30. jonesin

    ive been eyeing this game since it came out. It looks really polished and it has really nice graphics. The price was a little steep for me though. Nice Review.

  31. stefanos


  32. irene1975y

    my brother loves fly and shoot games. Hope this one drops in price so I can get it for him.

    Great reviews, Great games, keep them coming.

  33. cooldudeshake

    Very impressive. Great Video Review… I love fly-shoot games… This one is really cool!

  34. wiredmind

    Great rocket shooting game. I feel the robots look like gundam japanese robots than transformers.

    I am suprised it runs so smooth in the video especially it involes a few robots.

  35. worldcup1100

    Wow… This game looks pretty awesome… When I first saw the 5.99 price I was a little turned off for only a few levels, but with the rave review I might just get it, that is if I don’t win it.

  36. Master Shake

    How does this game look? Awesome that’s what.

  37. jusheteeensheem

    wow, no cons! thats awesome. the graphics in this game look sick!

  38. jacksonitup

    Wow! This game has great looking graphics and Glenn cant even find any cons! This seems like a must have and for a very well polished game $5.99 does not seem to steep.

  39. B master

    I have a question: is it too short ’cause it only has 5 levels? Other than that, I really like rail-shooters so just knowing this is one makes me want it That said I wouldn’t want to pay $5.99 for a short game.

  40. Glenn

    No it’s not short, there are different ways to play the game and the Boss battles are great. Is it worth $5.99 currently I dunno. Were so used to paying nothing and these games are worth something for sure as this is easily a 19.99 game on the DS. So I look at it as a bargain.

  41. B master

    Good point there. I’ll have to consider that.

  42. Arcadelover

    “If you are in the market for an arcade-style flying and shooting game on rails than ExZeus is the perfect game for you.”

    Eh hum, Arcade lover XD

    New to this site, do you give away free apps to every poster??


  43. Glenn

    Sadly no or we would have a million users LOL. What we do is post a review and you guys post in the threads about the reviews something constructive about this game.

    Than about 24 hours later (sometimes longer on weekends) we post the winners of the free app and email you the codes.

    Sometimes we give away 1 copy and sometimes we give away 5 or 10 depending on the number we are given / bought.

  44. Super

    WOo first comment , saw this in the appstore wasn’t sure but read your review and wow i would buy it but i can hope i win it