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Bring Back Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start8

We all knew that Start Menu in Windows 8 has been replaced with the new Start Screen interface, best suite on touch devices and honestly its really cool new feature in Windows 8.

But if you love the classic Start Menu like earlier versions of Windows, then you’ll need Start8 from Stardock.

Bring Back The Start Menu in Windows 8

  • Adds a classic style “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar.
  • Includes support for:
    • View and launch installed applications (including Metro/Modern)
    • All Programs menu, quick links to commonly accessed folders (Documents, Music, Photos, Computer, and more).
  • Adds searchable Start menu options for Windows desktop applications, Metro/Modern applications, and documents.
  • Adds a “Start” button to the Windows 8 taskbar.
  • Automatically load directly to your Windows desktop on login (vs the start screen).
  • Pin favorite shortcuts directly to the start menu for easy access.
  • Includes support for “jump lists”/recent documents for recently accessed programs.

Start8 is in beta/development stage, so you may experience some bugs or not, but definitely a great app worth to try on your Windows 8 PC. See the demo video below to see it in action.

Cool right? Don’t wait, try it now and experience back the good old great feature in Windows the “Start Menu” to your Windows 8 PC.

Download Start8 for Windows 8

(Note: To be able to get the download link, you’ll have to enter your email address and click download. An email will be sent to your email address from Stardock along with the link)

What do you think of Start8? should Windows 8 for desktop give us the option to use the classic start menu or just get on with what Microsoft offer us. Drop your comment below and share your thoughts.

3 Replies to “Bring Back Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start8”

  1. yet

    Sure.. you can head to this Official Download LINK and download from there..

  2. muny

    sorry i can’t get it ! can you help me other way? thank you !

  3. muny

    sorry i can’t get it ! can you help me other way? thank you !