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Bring Back Start Menu in Windows 8 with Start8

We all knew that Start Menu in Windows 8 has been replaced with the new Start Screen interface, best suite on touch devices and honestly its really cool new feature in Windows 8. But if you love the classic Start Menu like earlier versions of Windows, then you’ll need Start8 from Stardock. Features Adds a classic style “Start” menu to the Windows 8 taskbar. Includes support for: View and launch installed applications (including Metro/Modern) All Programs menu, quick links to commonly accessed folders (Documents, Music, Photos, Computer, and...read more

Windows 7 BootScreen for HD Screen Sizes

If you have a HD Screen Display with Windows 7, you’ll noticed that the boot screen are stretched out, this one fixes it… This process will modify your system files and I suggest to do this at your own risk. Be sure to make a restore point first before doing this method. This boot screen is called Metro Bootscreen created by ritwyk Authors Note: If you have Windows 7 and a widescreen display, you’ve probably noticed that the boot animation gets stretched to fit the screen. This one fixes that, and more. correct aspect ratio for 16:9 displays ...read more

Change Windows 7 Logon Screen Background Easily

With this simple and easy to use windows application you can change your windows 7 logon background screen easily. One of our previous post was Change Windows 7 Logon Background and it is a handy tool you can use, but now we are going to share you another very cool tool that is easy to use called Logon Screen app develop by our friend danielNET from dA. Features: You can right-click an image from explorer and choose set as logon screen from context menu You can right-click on desktop and choose Logon Screen from context menu to run the app C...read more