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Windows 7 BootScreen for HD Screen Sizes

If you have a HD Screen Display with Windows 7, you’ll noticed that the boot screen are stretched out, this one fixes it…

This process will modify your system files and I suggest to do this at your own risk.
Be sure to make a restore point first before doing this method.

metro bootscreen for windows 7

This boot screen is called Metro Bootscreen created by ritwyk

Authors Note:
If you have Windows 7 and a widescreen display, you’ve probably noticed that the boot animation gets stretched to fit the screen. This one fixes that, and more.
correct aspect ratio for 16:9 displays
richer colours than original Windows 7 animation
Metro-style text

To install this boot screen on windows 7, you’ll need Windows 7 Boot Updater.
Run it, then go to File > Load Boot Skin and browse the Metro Widscreen.bs7 and then click Apply button.

Restart and see your new boot screen. Enjoy.

Download Metro BootScreen for Windows 7
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2 Replies to “Windows 7 BootScreen for HD Screen Sizes”

  1. yet

    Yes Its recommended to backup your system before modifying critical system files..
    It is mentioned above posts to create a system restore, if somethings doens’t do right, you can restore it via windows 7 DVD restore option.
    still I wont recommend this customization but just showing our friends that this can be done 🙂
    and FYI, I tried this. that’s what the method i prefer, some bootskin are using installer, the tip i shared here is to load it via boot updater.
    again thanks for your feedbacks. your license, i will send it in a few minutes 😀

  2. Chankz22

    u know what buddy,i always had a fear to try these boot skin on my system…….and couple of frnz had a huge system crash upon installing a boot skin…… the recommended step is, first you should create a system image back-up before installing a boot-skin/or try to modify critical system item/reg item!coz if any system crash occurs, it wl be very easy to be able to restore the the image from the earlier state…… far me me is concern, i never installed any bootskin in my sys………maybe i wl use these skins on VMWARE/VIRTULAL BOX…… wl report back later if this happens………..
    my sys is bit slow on track……..god only knows how the hell vmware gonna cope up with my not so cool PC……….ANYWAYS nice post buddy!:)