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Ubuntu Concept Cursors for Windows

Another Cool Windows Cursors for all of you, and I would like to share this nice Ubuntu Cursors Concept for Windows, created by icey-net from dA community…


Authors Note:

Right-click the setup.inf file and select Install.
If you wish to install the blue version, right-click setup-Blue.inf and, again, select Install.
As per popular request and thanks to ~seahorsepip, the UbuntuConcept cursors are now available as standard Windows Cursors. Everybody give a big hug and thanks to ~seahorsepip for converting these into normal windows cursors. :la:
What’s more, a new blue version is also available (different colour loading circle)!
Also, these may become available for Linux as well, but don’t hold your breath. But a hint for people who are able to do this… This cursor set is dangerously close to being the most popular your-every-day-use cursor set for Linux. So, take note. :) And note me, too. =P
Thank you

Download Ubuntu Concept Cursors for Windows

One Reply to “Ubuntu Concept Cursors for Windows”

  1. nasty_amiel

    love it! =)